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Global Penny Stock

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Yardley
Address 56 South Main Street, Unit 372
Phone (215) 493-6783

Global Penny Stock Reviews

  • Nov 27, 2018

They offer to give you trade alerts for buying penny stocks that are predicted to go up. The offer is based on a one year subscription at $89.00. The sales pitch is full of false promises such as "over 70% of our closed positions have been for gains of 50% or greater". This is pure baloney. Their tips are virtually all losers. I've made nothing but losses. The so-called 'track record' shown on the website is nothing but fiction.

Furthermore, they do not even send you alerts. They simply put information on a web page and expect the clients to go there and see the alerts (no emails are sent out to alert you to anything). If you ask for a refund your emails are ignored. This is a disgraceful con. I stongly advise you against this rip off.

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