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Global Investigative Services, Inc.

Country United States
State Maryland
City Rockville
Address 1700 Rockville Pike #230
Phone 301-589-0088

Global Investigative Services, Inc. Reviews

  • Jan 28, 2017

This company was hired by the Law Office of Anthony A. Capetola specifically Nicole Gallo in order to serve me personally with a Lawsuit in Matrimonial Court. I became aware of a Motion filed against me when I got an alert from ecourts. After never being served I went to court on the 23rd of this month and was presented with AFFIDAVIT OF SERVICE showing the process server they hired personally served me. I spoke with the clerk and advised them this is not true. After learning about this I contact the owner of office building I am in and asked them if they have security cameras on the building which they replied yes. I requested to view the footage which clearly shows on the day in question the process server never personally served me. Its as clear as day that Ben Newman of Global Investigative Services lied on an important document which the courts rely on to start a law suit. After learning of what he did I contacted him directly and called him out on this. I advised him I was very upset and all he could say he was sorry. I stated to Ben Newman this is very serious and if I didn't get a notification from e courts I could have been found in default of the allegations without have the opportunity of defending my self. Once gain I advised Ben Newman I know exactly what he did as the video tells all. In addition on another occasion he lied stating he personally served my girl friend at my home which never occurred. I will be filing a complaint with the authorities in order to stop this type of behavior so others don't get hurt.

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