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Gillespie Construction, LLC

Country United States
State Texas
City Bandera
Address 1248 Kings Ranch Rd
Phone 830 459-4499

Gillespie Construction, LLC Reviews

  • Jul 29, 2022

Last Oct/Nov my brother, my nephew and I hired Lance Gillaspie to build a metal building consisting of an apartment above a workshop and a log cabin. We also needed a pump house and water storage tank. All of these projects he started and none of them have been finished.

He took full payment from my nephew and went on vacation. I asked him about the pump house door, it wasn't installed because when they built it a pipe was in the way of the door so they just left it. The water tank was never hooked up because Lance was the only plumber and he never had time.

The log cabin is not facing the direction we discussed with him nor is it even the same kit design that I chose in the beginning. He promised us work would be done and for a day or two they worked, then we wouldn't see any work being done for weeks. He used the COVID excuse and rain delays when work could have been going on inside the buildings.

His crew of two, at times, would work but when Lance left they nearly ran up his back on their way out.

I asked him to leave remnants of the wood from the cabin so I could build a chicken coop and he told me he already promised it to one of his workers.

The workers that arrived at 0900 and took an hour and a half for lunch and started putting up their equipment at 2:30, gone by 3 on the days they did happen to work. He told us the projects would take 6 months to finish. He said he would cut cedar from trees on the property for cupboards in the cabin and when I asked him about it later he said he had to buy an insulation machine, which was also a lie. His ex partner bought the machine.

These are just a few things that are formost on my mind. There are so many more things he promised and never had any intention of doing. He just needed another "draw" from us to cover his behind on another job he was behind on. This is the biggest disappointment of our lives.

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