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Gila Family Medicine Clinic

Country United States
State New Mexico
City Silver City
Address 3185 North, Leslie Rd
Phone 1 575-534-0400

Gila Family Medicine Clinic Reviews

  • Sep 19, 2022

She was absolutely rude she threw medical paperwork at me and told me to fill it out after I gave her my license and insurance card she thought I was going to allow her to keep it. Which the Government States you never do this at any medical establishment (because more people's identity are stolen at medical doctor's offices and she wanted to keep my information.

I guess to make more copies for herself and her family to use? I told her I will wait until I get my ID back and then I will fill out the medical information. She then gave me a nasty comment back and she told me take the paperwork and go fill it out and here's your IDs and I want you to sit on the chair.

Well I don't want to sit on a chair because I have a broken femur (she spoke to me arrogantly) and she spoke to me like I was in a communist Nation. She was Hispanic and very Rude and should not be working in a medical institution.

I was never disrespectful to her (but she was very rude and disrespectful for to me) I am sick and I did not go to the doctor's office to have a pleasureble conversation over coffee and donuts. She threw me out of the office because I would not put a fast mask on because United States government said you do not need to put a face mask on anymore 3 months ago.

This medical institution thinks they're above the government and the law and forces people to put them on which I have a breathing problem and I'm not going to kill myself because they think they are above the Law and the Government.

So I didn't get to see my doctor registered nurse her name is : Cynthia Moreno for my appointment because she the medical secretary threw me out because I would not put a mask on I stayed at the United States government and the law said nobody needs to put a mask on anymore but this medical secretary did not care and threw me out because I would not put one on because there's no need to put one on.

I said this is America we are a free Nation and we do not have to put a mask on and 48 states have not put a mask on in over 2 years now and Joe Biden our president stated that pandemic is over and there's no reason to wear masks anymore because it has been proven that it does not stop the covid virus from getting into your lungs and air passageways.

She said I don't care what the president said and I don't care what states don't put Mask on. At this medical faculty you're going to put a mask on or you are not going to be seen she said to me. So this medical faculty does not care if you live or die because you have a bad breathing problem and The mask makes it so you cannot breathe so I would look for another medical faculty because this one might kill you.

So I gave her everything back with the mask and I told her this is America and not communist China; have a nice day and I left because of the arrogance and disrespect she gave me. If I do get violently sick, this is notification because I will speak to a lawyer and Sue this medical faculty for the arrogance and disrespect that they give to sick patients.

She thinks she is Hitler or Joseph Stalin the way she treated me and other patients that are online alongside me and nobody that's sick should have to deal with this type of behavior from a medical office.

3185 North, Leslie Rd, Silver City New Mexico 88061

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