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Country Canada
City Burnaby, British Columbia
Address 6060 Silver Dr
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  • Sep 10, 2021

I received a phone call from Justin Luu who was a smooth talker and promied that their lead generation system was better than any other product on the market. They also offer a money back guarantee .beside that the offer a magazine article to be published to help build your online presence. After giving them half of the amount they wanted. $3000,00 on the premise to make sure that they devlivered what was told to me. I received nothing and had to reach out to Justin, I got a lot of excuses of why the ball was dropped. .

After another 2 weeks my ads still where not running more excuses now from Patrick Connors. I had told them they have never lived up to what was promised, Actully they had the samre system as the one I had just left which I had told Justin I was very unhappy with in which he ensured me that their system was superior. I was not neither was the facebook ads or service.

They do not offer anything and they do not stand by their 100% GUARANTEE! They are RIPOFF and CON MEN and done care about SERVICE . STAY AWAY!!!

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