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Gateway Financial Solutions

Country United States
State Michigan
City Saginaw
Address P.O. Box 3257
Phone (800) 500-7092

Gateway Financial Solutions Reviews

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  • Jun 11, 2016

I just purchase a car from Riteway Auto. I was hapy finaly driving. Its been about a month now so when i called to make my first payment with Gateway Financial Solutions it didn't take my information..mmmm. I talk to 3 People that day and made my payment over the phone. I asked them to send me a bill they said we don't send bills.mmm. so thank sent a welcome letter with an account number that does not work and you can not log into their system..umm. So i started i can't believe what's goig on with this company.. Rip offs and lies. Negative posts everywhere..i went ro file a complaint with the Bbb but no one is getting anywhere..So if your reading this and want to take action leave a complaint i will be contacting a lawyer to see if i can sue or somehow get out of this agreement..

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  • Dec 26, 2019

Takin advantage of

I got a car from diamond motors and they got gateway to finance. The agreement was for 363 the interest is ridiculous but I didnt know anything about that going in.i asked for refinancing they don't do that.for a 2009 Nissan that was not fixed or anything when I got it I'm paying too much and I don't want to deal with them anymore I cant afford it I have given them over the loan amount.

  • Jul 4, 2019

Repo after

So I'm a month behind was n a accident had to pay to get that fix on top of tran is going out to trying to gather money for that tell them what's going tell me to take it to get looked at it in the mist they kept cutting the car off so I gave up on taking it to a shop was told to make the 174.49 payment and I'll good the night before the holiday they came and repoed my vechical. I haven't had ni papers sent in the mail no email and when I spoke to them they didn't mention with me being a month behind they will take my property. But I hope I have a case to because its more

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  • Nov 19, 2016

So I brought a car that was financed through Gateway Financial. I didn't know from start that they put a tracker in my car and also a ignition kill switch. My payment is due on the 15th. If it's the 16th they will shut off your car, and make you wait for them to turn it back on.

This last year has been really hard on me with an injury and my company going through a financial issues. They repo my car in May, after I couldn't make payments due to a lay off. I was only a month behind. I had to go out of country to make some money from a side work. I made all the payments to get my car back before I left. I did everything that was supposed to be done. They end up taking my car to one place first. At that place they took all the stuff out my car, tossed my car and removed my license plates. I had to go to that place pay them $75 dollars to get all my things back plus my plates. They wouldn't even give my daughters car seat back without paying them.

Then I had to go to another place which was an auto auction place. This place wanted you to come only by appointment on certain days and at certain times. I was out of country for two weeks. I had my family trying to get my car back with the auction telling them the car was not there. For two weeks this went on with no results of getting the car. Gateway would not help in the process of getting the car back.

Fast forward today. And the same thing has happen. I am a month behind and they take my car again on Wed night. I call on Thursday to try and get my car back. I spoke to someone who said they would call me back in a couple hours. I called back at 2pm and that person had left for the day. On Friday, I call first thing in the morning. Pay all the money to get my car back and still have to wait till either Monday or Tuesday the following week to get my car. Now I am without a car for a whole weekend, with no way to go to the store or take my child to the places she needs to go.

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  • Oct 23, 2015

Oct 19th 2015 I was unable to my car payment in full. I explained my circumstances , and made arrangements on how I could pay the $465 payment. I was told to gather certain information , and fax it basically show proof that the income I usually receive did not come through like usual. Well, the representative threatened to turn the vehicle off. Well, I had to cancel my kids appt, and turn around because I didn't want to be stranded with my kids away from home. To finish up the exhausting story I received a phone call from the finance company around 5pm , and the representative left a message, but wasn't detsiled, so I returned the call around 7pm the same day.....well, I was told that my arrangements that I made was not granted, and the representative called my NEW job that I just started, and questioned the employee about my paydays....I was confronted on the phone that I had to pay the rest of the car note by Oct 22,2015 because she called my job, and know when I get paid, and she wants the remaining $200 by the 23rd of Oct. How upsetting this is to violate me like this...I want justice.

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  • Aug 7, 2019


I got suckered into their loan agreement by what I now know is a shady car dealer near me whom I made the mistake of trusting and boy do I regret it. I paid off their rip-off loan in less than one year so I called today to see where that transaction stood and I had the major displeasure of speaking to one of the most rude, unintelligent reps in the history of calls to companies and she was named Julie. I felt like I had asked her to accept a collect call from a state prisoner instead of a good customer who, thank the Lord, does not owe them another damn cent. I am not sure what her problem is but I have trained customer service reps and work in a customer oriented business and if one of my reps spoke down and in the tone Julie used with me today, they would be fired on the spot as well they should be!

BEWARE - if your paperwork involves GATEWAY FINANCIAL when you are thinking about applying for ANY type of loan, WALK OUT THE DOOR. In my opinion they are at best shady and unethical and try to take advantage of those down on their luck or just in need of basic transportation. NEVER AGAIN will they get a penny of my money, time or anything else. GOODBYE GATEWAY AND YOU TOO JULIE!!!!

Jim Warren

Fairfield, Ohio

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  • Jan 29, 2019


This is the epitome of what having bad credit is. A organization who jacks your interest rate up and will threaten to cut your car off If you can’t make payments. They don’t report to credit bureau as they should and to top it all off, the customer service reps are rude and ignorant. I wouldn’t suggest this place to my worst enemy. 1 year with them and then I’m financing my way to a better car and deal. Anybody who is in my shoes that is smart would do the same, and everybody who is considering... don’t

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  • Mar 17, 2018

I got a car from right way in Mount pleasant MI got it finance through gateway financial. At the time I thought I was getting a good deal only to have plpd instead of full coverage, well after I got it and had it for a week I decided to check around to see what the price was for my vehicle. Found out for the year of my car it was only worth 4500 and I had to get a loan for 10000.

On top of that the car was starting to not want to start because of the security system in it. Well I decided to do a volunteer repo cause the monthly was outrageous now that I stopped making payments because I was ripped off now they are taking me into garnishment but I haven't been served papers yet all they have done is sent me a letter. I thought they had to have a court appointed person come out and serve me before garnishment.

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  • Feb 7, 2018

I bought car for wfe on 12-14-17 and returned on 12-30-17. I told auto dealer at preferred automotives of wife's dislike. Shhannen , lead dealer at 859-269-4141. Advised me that he did not wife to be unhappy. I advised him that I want to cancel everything and to forget the thousand deposit. He said that he would contact gateway financial and resolve the matter. It did not happen as such. I received threatening calls that they would take me to court and ruin my credit. I told them that the dealer has the automobile. They said it will go to auction and I would have to pay off the loan.

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  • Sep 1, 2017

Finance company charged $11.000.00 for a car over 6 years old Dodge Stratus valued at $3500.00 car was stolen insurance Co,. Paid it off charging me for interest took me to court the judge ordered me to pay the interest this happened in 2008, interest keeps going up and now they are garnishing me and work part time. They keep refiling every few years but the car has been charged off they have already been paid for the car twice, insurance company,(triple AAA) and there own insurance when they charged it off years ago was told no one can help me because no other judge would over turn another judge's decision unfair and unethical where are all parties involved judge/ finance company's Morales?

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  • Feb 6, 2017

Said her name was Patty and I told her my name and then she going to say and the snotty attitude but he didn't make the payment I told her that I haven't received my money yet and she said well when you supposed to get it then she ask me personal questions like are you in housing how much is your rent it does your husband work and I said no he lost his job when will he be looking for another one I didn't feel comfortable after I was talking to her but I meant I was wrong it unprofessional because when she was having a attitude I got one right back but the whole conversation was giving me life advice I didn't call for that I called to tell her why I couldn't make a payment on my 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser I was just uncomfortable. Asking me personal questions I feel as a person from Gateway Financial Solutions you shoulda never been asking personal questions in the first place that has nothing to do as to why I called clay we're here to help but I feel like they are no help at all I always say payments on time but for the month of February I just said do it

Received numerous calls for Gateway Financial Solutions but couldn't talk if I had laryngitis of the voice but when I didn't return my phone call the representative stated her name was Patty then she said and that a snotty attitude why you didn't make a payment and I got mad and don't give me where I had an attitude back to and I told her I didn't have money she said why not and I explained to her what was going on she asking me personal questions like do I leave the house because my husband work for a living and I said he lost his job she said if he looking for one now I mean tell me I know you pull all the weight in a load in your home I feel like that was an inappropriate conversation and I just don't feel right talking to no representative from that office I talk to the manager for now when I was having trouble with my account setup I called multiple times and talk to different representative and they kept giving me the run-around so I feel like they are not are professional but claim to be here to help they are no help at all don't even give you a Grace. For a way you can make a payment but you can control with your money comes but they want you to

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  • Dec 26, 2019

I'm currently paying them 363and at times i cant afford it.For food or other things my blue book value is 1000 on my 2009 nissan so why am i still paying on a 10000 loan and i've paid over 13000.They keep threatening me sending letters the interest rates are ridiculously high i want to sue them ang get my money back none of this is right the better business bureau has done nothing i need help.Single mom.

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