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Garcinia Pure

Country United States
State Arizona
City Tucson
Address 3849 E Broadway Blvd #274
Phone 1-888-531-4967

Garcinia Pure Reviews

  • Aug 11, 2016

I ordered garcinia pure and Green coffee pure online 5/27/16. The site said free trial, 30 day supply. Just pay the small handling fee's of $3.95 and $2.95. I had trouble with the website actually getting the order to complete. After entering all my personal info and payment, the site just stalled and I got kicked out. I tried again and same thing again. I gave up on it and shortly after received a order confirmation via email. Thinking that the order may have been placed twice, I checked my credit card the next day and found the charges were not duplicated but an additional $.99 and $19.99 had also debited my card. I called my bank and got a phone number. I called and it was for a magazine that was ordered when I placed my order. I demanded a refund because I did not subscribe to a magazine. They said they would refund 50%. I said not no but hell no you wont. They finally gave me full credit. I still dont know what the $.99 was for.

On 6/1/16 I received the Garcinia and the green coffee and tried both products for about 3 weeks without any results. In mid July more garcinia and green coffee showed up. I checked my card to find that they charged my card on 6/11/16 for $88.00 and $89.00 and on 7/11/16 they hit me for another $88.00 and $89.00.

I called and the representative told me the charges in June were for the "Free Trial" that I didnt cancel in 14 days. He said I could send the 2nd shippment back but would have to pay return shipping and a $10 handling fee. He wouldnt do anything about the charges in June for $177.00

I returned it unopened with the RMA #'s he provided and received credit for $78.05. I called to see about the remaining credit and he said to check my account in about 5 more days. I did, and no credit.

This is a total scam. I am scared to take this product. For all I know, it may be cardboard or worse. Wish I knew someone in a lab that could test it. Im out $286.86 for two bottles of crap!!

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