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Country United States
State California
City El Segundo

Gamevil Reviews

  • Dec 16, 2015

The game they represent is call Darkness Reborn. Objective is to improve your in game gear by evolving it to a higher gear stat. But to do so you are require to use a booster. People purchase up to 80 booster which can run in to $100 usd, just to improve 1 gear stat. When you use max booster it lists the percentage of success.

Gamevil is misleading their players with their advertise success rate to evolve. I and tons of players have fail to evolve at 80-99% not once but consecutively. If out of 10 try, 9 of it should be success at their advertise success rate of 90%. But yet so many people are not getting what is being represented. It isnt possible to fail 3 to 5 times. Some have fail over 10 time in a roll. I've enclose links to their game forum about players complaing about this scam.

I've try to contact their customer service, which never respond.

I hope they can shine a light and fine gaming company like this who takes advantage of not only adult but alot of minors too.

Thank you,

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