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Gameday Media

Country United States
State Oregon
City Portland
Address Building #10, 16600 SW 72nd Ave
Phone 503-214-4424

Gameday Media Reviews

  • May 17, 2018

I received persistent calls from a Tia Roy in mid April who said she was from a River Hill High School in Columbia, MD, and that she was selling ads for the upcoming sports season. (I later learned she lied. She is an employee of Game Day Media.) I purchased the ad at $395 and was told that Game Day Media will create the ad and even revise my logo for the ad. I was told I had six weeks to finalize the ad. After four weeks, I contacted Game Day and the seller Tia to get an update on a draft. I eventually got a response telling me who was assigned to my ad and that a draft was sent weeks prior, and to look in my junk box. Sure enough, a draft was in my junk box. I also saw two additional emails sent same day I reached out stating that I had to espond "TODAY” about the ad or they would consider it final. I immediately called and was placed on indefinite hold. I called again, reached another person who wouldn’t give me her name. She said I had enough time to revise the ad as I wanted.

Now, this ad needed a lot of work. There was no skill or creativity applied. Someone just dropped some images from my website into a graphic box — some that had nothing to do with the ad. No text content was pulled from my site. No thought whatsoever. Considering the extremely rudimentary state of this ad, I was concerned about the skill level of this so-called graphic designer. As I began to inquire about the designer, It was at this point, this person got rude, trying to rush me off the phone. I could not get a word in edgewise. Finally, I said, just cancel my ad. At that point, she put me on extensive hold. When she returned, she asked me why because there was a no-return Policy. When I started to tell her why, she cut me off again. When I asked her to stop cutting me off, she said no, I will not. She also stated that she didn’t want to hear my reasons and hung up on me. I called the sales rep Tia Roy, and got the same response. She too hung up on me. She later sent me an email that she forwarded to Game Day Media who dismissed her email stating we heard from her.

At this point, I decided to file a dispute with my credit card company. Their rudeness and rush to get me off the phone was the reason why I decided to cancel the ad. But it wasn’t until I googled this company and saw multiple complaints about them, specifically that you’ll pay for an ad, but that there would never be a program, was what fueled me to start the proceeding to dispute this hefty charge of $395. I am going to contact River Hill High School in Columbia, MD to inform them they are being used in this scam.

  • Aug 10, 2017

Game Day Media told me that they would donate money to the high school I went to. Later I was told the true by a sales employee that they keep all the money to themselves.

When I was on the phone with the sales employee the training manager (I was told his name is Jake) was yelling and swearing at the sales reps.

I placed my order, confirmed my ad and then found out a few months later that the sales rep that helped me had been let go because he was being too nice to the customers and because he asked them to treat him with respect.

I called Game Day Media and ask them to stop my ad and refund my money as my ad had not gone to print and they refused to do so. They stated they had paid money to my high school already and did the work. I am investigating to find out if the school actually receives the money they promise to give them and will update this report later with my findings.

I told them I did not want my name associated with an organization whom treated their sales force that way and asked to receive a refund and take my ad out.

They continuted to tell me that they would not refund my money, even through it had not gone to print. They did not even offer me back part of my money. That is bad customer service. I have since talked to a few of their past sales reps and they all confirm that it is a bad environment to work in. I also noticed an article on here from a past employee.

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