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Furniture & Mattress Gallery, Inc.

Country United States
State New Jersey
City West Union
Address 2401 U.S. 22
Phone (908) 624-1500

Furniture & Mattress Gallery, Inc. Reviews

  • Nov 18, 2020

I not too long ago purchased a leather couch set from a store here in Union NJ called Furniture and Mattress Gallery .When I went in there I was greeted by the manager Eddie and sales man by the name of John.

When I was there I told them I was looking for a leather couch .They sold me a 3 seater leather couch and a 2 seater .I also bought a dinette with 4 chairs .

With this I paid for delivery at the time I weas doubled billed by them they were charging me twice for 2 deliveries which I was told 1 charge for a $150.00 which turned into $300.00 .the total charge of the bill with the couches and dinette was $3,500.00 .

This was the 1st issue with this store then after that once the furniture was delivered .Issues with the dinete over a period of 6 months each chair has collapsed and broke just from sitting in them .

Mind you I am a skinny tiny guy not a big guy .The big issue is by a year time frame the stiching on the leather couch started to rip and unravel .I barely use them and I never have company over .

So just recently I contacted a leather repair man to address and fix this issue .Once he arrived at my residence I was told by him its not real leather .He couldn't fix it .

I contacted Eddie the manager at Furniture and Matress Gallery inc he was complety rude told me that I must have over weight friends coming over sitting on the couch and rubbing my butt for the stiches that came out .

I stated to him its fake leather you sold me not only cheap made items for a premium price but lied to me that these couches were leather .Eddie stated it didn't matter if it was real leather or not .

I stated I gave you $3,500.00 for all this and its complete junk it didn't even last a year .UI also said what he has commited is theft by deception by selling me FAKE leather when I paid for real leather .I told Eddie the manager at this store his yelp online there ia a lot of upset customers with similar issues .

He stated we are all lying and hung up the phone .I am putting this out there so the next customer has heads up and doesn't come the next victim at this store .

After now seeing this furniture's yelp and other customers that have been ripped

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