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Fundamental Films

Country United States
State California
City Beverly Hills
Address 345 N Maple Drive Suite 135
Phone 310-386-7161

Fundamental Films Reviews

  • Aug 10, 2015

Fundamental films has acted dishonestly and deceitfully in regards to our contract agreement as well as with gross negligence in my personal injury. After being injured due to their negligence while filming on set they refused me adequate medical service and are attempting to pay me a fraction of our contract agreement.

They have deceitfully used a mock company name in our contract to try and further deny responsibility. The mock company has no phone, email address or personnel. Gregory Ouanhon and Cathy Yang have refused to honor the terms of the contract as well as provide information to the mock company.

By the parameters of the contract I am owed 49,000HKD which they refuse to pay and am in debt over $5000 USD in medical bills. The injury, due to their negligence, has cost me another $7000 USD from lost wages being unable to work.

Fundamental Films has further expressed no concern or resposibility in any of these issues and seems to set up their business and employees, such as myself, so they do not have to honor their agreements, can manipulate non-union talent and treat people with contempt and disrespect.

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