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Fun Town RV Center

Country United States
State Texas
City Waco
Address 777 Enterprise Blvd
Phone 855-395-1861

Fun Town RV Center Reviews

  • Jun 22, 2017

My husband and I purchased a 2016 Cruiser RV Boss 4290 from Fun Town in Feb. 2016 and took delivery mid March. We have had nothing but issues with this rig since we took delivery. Bedroom slide leaks, they sent us home with NO fire extinguishers (good thing nothing happened on the hour and a half trip home). We took the RV out for the first time in the beginning of May 2016 and came back with a long list of repairs that needed to be made. We made an appointment, or so we thought, only to arrive at the dealership NOT to have an appointment. But they took the trailer in anyway. It sat on their service lot for 11 weeks! And not all repairs were made. We noticed a leak in the bedroom slide. We had an appointment in December to have a new door installed and reminded them numerous times to check the leak. The tech looked at it but put no water to it per the service manager. When we told them that we needed to have the door installed in ONE day (they told us it would take about 4 hours).

My husband had to take vacation time every time we had to take the trailer for repairs. We had a Federal recall on our furnace. Now we have wrinkles in our roof.

This trailer has not even had approximately 30 hours on the road excluding trips to the shop. Our black tanks do not flush properly. We have a smell coming out from behind the shower into the cabinet in living area that smells like something is burning. The manufacturer sent someone out to take pics of the roof wrinkles and he spotted the leak issue in the bedroom slide IMMEDIATELY. We have no idea how much damage is underneath but we can clearly see the damage it did to the trim and tape on the slide. And I'm sure there will eventually be mold. We have the invoice and we clearly paid for things that to this day we have not received. Now that we are past our one year warranty, Fun Town will not even reply to emails. Their employees must NEVER communicate to one another as every one of them we have come into contact with has NO clue what is going on. We even tried to back out of this deal. But the salesman told us that we couldn't. We should have hired an attorney at that point. When we looked at this rig we were told we could run ANY two of the 3 ACs at once...just not all 3. LIES. We can run the center one and one end. But not both end units at once like we were told when looking to purchase and at time of delivery. The heater has stopped working on the sofa.

Owner Mayor Jarrod McGhee assured me that we would be taken care of. We have been taken care of alright. We have been lied to and feel certain we were sold the prototype of this trailer.

  • Oct 15, 2015

The management team at this location promotes customer abuse. Sure. They seem like nice people upfront, but the price they quote you when walking around and the price that ends up on your quote sheet will be two drastically different numbers.

Try to leave their office with their quote and they will physically grab you and take it away from you.

The good news is that they have cameras and record all of this on tape. But call their management team and Dazzle, which probably isn't his real name, and will call you back and tell you that it is their policy to make sure no one leaves with a quote -- even if it means physically grabbing a customer's arm to get it back. Really?

Threaten to call the Waco police. No problem. I was told that Noel Marshall's wife (the abusive salesman) works for the police department - so good luck with that.

And that's before they sell you a trailer, who knows what will happen if you bring it back for a repair.

I personally will never walk on their property again without a witness and video camera. This is the perfect opportunity for an investigative reporter or anyone with an undercover camera to record these guys and put them on YouTube and social media to show how they treat their customers.

They are literally a lawsuit waiting to happen due to the company's policies of encouraging their employees to rip RV estimates out of customer's hands. I was shocked beyond belief.

And its not just me, see these other customers who received poor treatment from Fun Town RV.

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