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Full Sail University

Country United States
State Florida
City Winter Park
Address 3300 University Blvd
Phone 407-679-6333

Full Sail University Reviews

  • Jul 16, 2018

Of course the employees of FS have tried to paint this school as worth it on this platform of reports. MacBooks are cool, but not worth $62k (or a minimum of $7k if you drop the first semester). They try to sell the LaunchBox front and center hoping under privileged children and adults will take the bait. If it’s the MacBook you want, save 1-4 checks and get one. Heck the rest of the LaunchBox (depending on your field) is easily obtainable.

Just get the resources yourself if that is what sold Full Sail to you. Now, to the education. If you have been to traditional colleges before FS, you will notice a HUGE difference in education. Obviously the price is the biggest difference. For $63k you can pay your whole college years in community college transferring to a University. I made a complaint saying it’s a very basic, impersonal way of learning and was told it’s accelerated. I know this but I don’t recall that being a valid reason for a one shoe fits all way of teaching.

The actual teaching is a joke. I made another complaint that you can view all non-GoLive FOR FREE on TedTalks and YouTube. I was told, no the YouTube videos are private and only available to students. That’s a lie. I signed into 3 gmail Accounts, typed in the instructors usernames and pulled up all "private” videos easy with any device I used to watch. Obviously TedTalks is free, they didn’t comment on that.

I then complained about the software the first hands on music course being outdated. I was told it’s the same concept blah blah. If I am watching a video telling me to follow the clicks and where the instructor is going on the software, I expect for the software to be fully updated. Well I checked those pay to watch Free YouTube videos and saw it was a 2015 video for 2018 learning. Updating education to stay current is extremely appropriate. The GoLive videos where you actually hear and see the instructors work is better then the free videos.

You hear the work, see the step by step guides being demonstrated live. But, if you have no issue with reading and following directions, you don’t even need the GoLive videos. The syllabus are all in very specific detail. More detailed than some instruction manuals for building things. All in all, find a community college with transfer capability and go live your music/film/gaming developer/ business/etc. dream elsewhere. Once you go to FS, you are stuck with a huge amount for subpar learning (less than) and credits that can only be transferred to another overpriced, for profit business/school! FS makes over $100 million a year with a extremely low graduation rate. Don’t think they care if stay or leave. They get their money either way. Heck, I may start my own business like FS with better online exclusive education. STAY AWAY

  • Jun 27, 2016

I enrolled in Full Sail, and had trouble from the very first getting things done. While I finally got into my class, from which I was promptly dis-enrolled for complaining about the timeliness of their mailings and other paperwork, I wanted to share with people that I don't believe this is a school that is organized very well. What is really worrying, is that you have to go through the main switchboard to speak to anyone. I've been to an online school before, and their blackboard and web pages typically have numbers to call, or email links for every dept.

Full Sail was this quirky place, where you have to really get your stuff together and call them and bug them to do their work. At other schools, when they had a deadline for them to review and contact me, they always did: not so at Full Sail. I considered that my complaints had garnered some ire from the employees, and they might have RETALIATED by deliberately slowing down my enrollment. Some people will act that way: nice to your face, and just knifing you in the back. Or in this case, slowing things down enough that I saw something was going on. And who did that hurt? Who didn't get any money? Full Sail University!!!!

As a grad student, you live or die by whether your school and your professors like you and your work. And this fact is even doubly so at an arts school because the media and arts world are so gossipy. It's entirely possible to have a reputation that you take from your school to the work force. And despite my use of humor to try to calm a bad situation, it really just made people angry. But I only wanted them to do their job. Which was to enroll me in a timely fashion, and get my launchbox out. They made me wait until the very last day to get my paperwork done. I had every piece of paper they wanted in two weeks earlier. That lateness was NOT my fault. My take is they're bad news.

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