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Fuerste Eye Clinic

Country United States
State Iowa
City Dubuque
Address 2140 John F Kennedy Rd
Phone 1 563-582-0769

Fuerste Eye Clinic Reviews

  • Jul 11, 2020

Juan Nito I was forced/talked into for a very fast solution to my eye problem in 10 minutes he said, that took longer than he told me. You won't feel a thing he told me! It hurt to the point that I almost passed out with a cold wet shaky sweat. He used multiple tries with the laser(he said I quick zap and Ill be done) without any numbing or sedation for the pain. I asked for pain relief and he said NO!

He also said I can't be feeling any pain. I suffered internal eye bleeding and got very sick to my stomach from the pain. He looked at the time and he got extremely annoyed with me because he said he needed to be home by noon and stormed out of the room( he started the laser at 11:45 and quit out of frustration at approx. 12:30to 12:45pm (Time span aprox. it may have been longer) He told me it was all my fault! I left in tears. From the very beginning, I did not want to do this on this day .

I wanted to make an appointment for the following Monday(the laser was done on Fri.) He insisted on doing the laser right away by him and the same day so I said alright. I found out later why he was so pushy about me getting this procedure done right away by him but that's a whole other story. This is the basics that I went through.

Rom Fuerste, He did cataract surgery on my left eye on a Tuesday and did a follow-up check on me Wednesday. I told him that I cant see out of my left eye at all. He said well lets take a look and he did an Xray and the x-ray showed that I had a hole in the macular part of my eye. I got upset and said that the hole was not there before I went into surgery. The Dr. said I know it wasn't. I said how did this happen? he said I don't know and he told me I had to make an appointment with a specialty surgeon to try to fix the hole which meant I had to pay for someone to drive me in my car to Iowa City Ia 75 miles one way plus my gas every time I had an appointment for my eye. Not to mention that I had to pay a specialist to try to fix what Rom Fuerste did to my eye to begin with.There is much more to add to this story but this is the basic information for what I have been going through since March 2019 and am still having trouble with.

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