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Country United States
State New Jersey
City Pennington
Phone 609 954-2892
Website Reviews

  • Aug 1, 2016

Carl Fuccello of Carl Fuccello Homes LLC makes a living by buying homes from estates, old people and through normal means then conducts a bunch of half baked repairs and or renovations then resells the property. He always over promises and under delivers. In my case he allowed me to lay out thousands of dollars of my own money to purchase material in order for his tradsmen could complete the property i was buying from him on time for closing. He swore he would pay me back after closing however that never happen.

Everytime I called him he would have a tale of financial hardship. He would alos buy time buy telling me that once he sold one of his investment properties he would have the money to give me. When the property sold he would tell me that he took a loss, that he in fact had to bring money to the closing in order to complete the sale. I have been trying to get what he owes me for nearly two years. This man has no problem talking to you like he is your best friend, very personable I must admit however he is a pathological liar and nothing more than a common thief.

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