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From The Heart Productions, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Oxnard
Address 1455 Mandalay Beach Road
Phone (805) 984-0098

From The Heart Productions, Inc. Reviews

  • Aug 26, 2020

did their job

they did their job. what happened?

  • Aug 24, 2020

If you are a filmmaker (except for a documentary filmmaker) and have or are considering applying for a Roy Dean Grant (From The Heart Productions) you should know the facts regarding this organization BEFORE you apply.

98% of the films awarded a Roy Dean Grant in the past 5+ years have all been ‘documentaries’ despite thousands of short, narrative, Web/TV applicants that have applied from around the globe. Despite the fact that this organization boasts about the great things it has does to support filmmakers of all kinds, it has misled earnest filmmakers into believing they actually have an equitable fighting chance of being considered for a grant.

The fact is applications are accepted worldwide - including from countries that offer truly generous subsidies to artists of all kinds that the U.S does not offer. The reason? The more applicants, the more application fees they collect.

Soon after applying, you’ll receive emails from Carole Dean, the President, who, despite your film not being selected, announces that she has GREAT news — she has a solution to your funding problem — BUY HER BOOK and better yet, sign-up for HER CLASS and she’ll teach you how to get your film funded!!

In addition, if you wish her organization will be your fiscal sponsor (naturally so they can collect more fees from those who will donate to your film). You’ll be invited to speak with Carole for 15 minutes (ultimately a sales pitch) where she’ll discuss what the judge determined was wrong with either your project, or application, but don’t fret good filmmaker, bravely carry-on and apply again (AND AGAIN) because that is what most filmmakers do!

Filmmakers we know who have applied for a RDG, and received their 15 min. film/application ‘review’ also received some of the most ridiculous (laughable) reasons their film/application was eliminated (probably because it was NOT a documentary) — often over easily clarified, minute oversights made by their (novice) judge. We’re talking applicants who are professional filmmakers who have spent years on the front lines doing the heavy lifting it takes to make films (not novice students). Adding insult to injury while listening to the remarks, it becomes clear that the judge has never written or made a film in their his/her life.

Despite this organization’s altruistic boasting, earnest, hard working filmmakers are being misled due to the lack of transparency. And the sad truth is this is not a unique situation. The industry is chock full of bottom dwellers disguised as friends of filmmakers and writers who ultimately take advantage of them only to have books and/or expensive classes shoved under their noses.

Another troubling issue with this organization, ALL film categories / applications whether shorts, documentary, feature or Web/TV series are lumped into one big pile. This, in no way, is fair to filmmakers. A documentary should not compete against a short or Web/TV series.

If you bring these issues to the attention of the President, Carole Dean, you will most certainly NOT get a straight answer even when it is justifiable to question the reason(s) your application/film was eliminated. She will artfully turn it around in such a way that, you, the applicant are the cause of your project being eliminated despite evidence that clearly states otherwise. Yup, folks, what a web the Roy Dean Grant organization weaves. Careful that you don’t fall into it.

Having undergone this process several times, and knowing others who have as well, we told Ms. Dean that she and her judges can judge but that it is no longer her / their prerogative alone. Consequently, after thoroughly reviewing the Roy Dean Grant / From The Heart Productions that claims to be a non-profit (although that is questionable) is deemed worthy of a grade “F”.

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