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Freedom Life Insurance

Country United States
State Texas
City Fort Worth
Address 300 Burnett St #200
Phone 817-878-3303

Freedom Life Insurance Reviews

  • Oct 21, 2020

I bought medical coverage from them for the year 2019 and it changed my family's financial life. I paid $400+/month for me-wife-son, in April 2019 my wife had emergency ectopic pregnancy surgery and that's where Freedom life insurance got exposed. They covered nothing and I got bill of $11000 just for 1 night at hospital. Mr Hunt (Agent) said don't pay anything till EOB comes from insurance company, waited waited and got call form hospital that insurance denied the coverage and we have to pay of of pocket. In meanwhile, we been to my son's pediatric for regular visit and vaccinations(Jan-Aug) of course that was not covered either. Mr Hunt said he will try what he can do... he got back in month saying that you guys cancelled (In october) the plan so you are not covered anymore(In October) so he cannot help and I should try calling clinic.

Lost so much hard money + $11000 hospital bill is still pending...I am crying while writing this review.

I asked Freedom Life Insurance to provide a call recording when Mr Hunt singed me up. They don't records of phone calls but they have a document saying I said yes for everything (how?), this sound very fishy and I urge them to refund my premimum or pay $11000 hospital bills.

Complaint on BBB is closed without - Justice is not served.

  • Oct 13, 2017

Since the Health Insurance industry is doing a major change & going up in cost I decided to look at other options outside of my employer. I came across US Health Group AKA Freedom Life Insurance from another coworker of mine & gave them a call after she met with them & got a quote. She received her "Insurance Cards" in the mail a few days after she was approved & the cards say Cigna on them, looks legit as any Insurance card does.

When I gave them a call, the "agent" rambled off a bunch of questions & said I'd pay around $250.00 a month. The Cigna PPO Plan included 8 FREE DOCTOR VISITS, $3,500.00 co-pay, lower medication costs, every perk you can think of, he listed. He even said if I refer anyone to them I will get $100.00. Typically you only get 1 FREE annual doctor visit from each doctor (primary, OBGYN).

For "approval" the ask for your bank, bank account number & routing number. Stupidly, I provided it. Later that day I got approved & was told my payments would start monthly on November 14th. I signed in & saw my payments would be $310.00 instead of $250.00. Didn't think much of it until I thought about my age & my coworkers age. I am about 25 years YOUNGER than she is & a NON tobacco user, as she is a smoker & her monthly premium would be $350.00, only $40.00 more. Something started to feel fishy.

I looked on Cigna & searched for individual health plans in Texas & saw on their website that they DO NOT OFFER MEDICAL PLANS IN TEXAS. Red Flag. I called Cigna directly & was directed to another department that would be able to tell me if this so-called PPO plan I signed up for was real or a scam. I provided my name & DOB, I couldn't be found in the system. Then, I was told VERBALLY Cigna does NOT offer MEDICAL INSURANCE IN TEXAS AS OF JUNE 2017. My gut feeling was right, US Health Group AKA Freedom Life Insurance is a SCAM.

These people are crooks & taking advantage of people looking to save money & will end up spending thousands more in the long run. Someone needs to put an end to this. DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR BS. Always call the provider directly that the "broker" is going through.

  • May 1, 2017

I was in the market for new health insurance for my family and I was contacted by an insurance agent Warren rockmacher and he's told me that the plan I was purchasing would cover all my needs and save me lots of money. That was a red flag to me and I asked him is this more than a sickness planned because I need preventative care he assured me that my children's Wellness visits and vaccines would be covered,long with my annual pap smears in my daughter's appointments to get her birth control for her acne. He told me all I had to do was go to my doctor and there would not even be an office copay all I had to pay was my monthly premiums long as our Healthcare needs to not exceed $50,000 and the plan year . W hen I try to use the insurance though I was informed that my plan covering none of this. I went to the health insurance website to pull up my plan breakdown and all that was there under my plan with a bunch of Flyers not unofficial breakdown and under this tab which was supposed to be my plan there was a flyer that stayed as preventive care when I call the health insurance to ask about it they said oh no that's not on your plan but it is listed under what should be included on my plan. So where that leaves me now is trying to find new health care for my children and my husband myself and out all the money I paid the last 4 months towards this plan. When I questioned them about it Warren rockmacher would not call me back himself but he had his work associate contact me to try to sell me other insurance when I told him I did not want any additional insurance and explaines the situation he told me that his work associate would have never said those things.

  • Jul 6, 2016

I was in need of health insurance with prescription drug coverage. My old plan which ended in June due to the price going up and one of my drugs no longer being covered so I came across Freedom Life. I should of ran the other direction when the sales person used high pressure tatics to get me to sign up. I went to the doctor on July 7 and got my prescription renewed. I then went to the pharmacy and found out I didn't have prescription drug coverage. What I had was a prescription savings plan. The savings plan didn't cover my prescription (Surprise!) . The slickster that sold me this plan told me it would only cost $30, which was a blantant lie. I paid upfront for this worthless coverage with a credit card. I plan on contacting the credit card company and tell them what happened. Freedom Life is a dishonest company, avoid them.

  • Jun 21, 2016

The agent sold me on the Premium plan. I asked him to send me information on the plan. All I received was the confirmaion for a phone call I should be receiving tomorrow for the application process and billing.

Not recieving the information from the agent, I decided to go to the website. I am furious. This is not real insurance. It does not meet the new Obamacare minimum requirements. I would have to pay a penalty and not able to file for the tax credit when it comes time to file taxes. No fee schedule to go by. Its sort of like Obanacare. I have to pay for it so I can read it. And find out what and how much it covers.

Also I was told there would be a $100 application fee. The phone call tomorrow is supposed to be someone taking the application and billing info. Of course Ill have to tell them I do not want to apply for their "insurance' plan.Especially since the agent hasnt sent me the info. Like an idiot I gave him my card# Because I intended to buy the insurance. I will update this post if there are charges incurred. The agent told me there would be no charges till I completed the call tomorrow. We will see.

The sales person from United Healthcare sent an email with all the details of the plan we discussed. I will be calling him back in the morning. More expensive but Ive been satisfied dealing with them on my COBRA plan for the last 18 months. And the rep was honest and upfront.

I am just so angry. Freedom Life should not be allowed to operrate as an insurance company.

  • Apr 29, 2016

I signed up for this insurance. I knew i would have to have surgery soon so i needed a good insurance policy. I asked a million questions as to what would be covered, when my plan would be in a affect, Preexisting coverage, if i had a waiting period and so on. I gave him the name and location of where my surgery would be and the care providers name. He said all would be approved. I had the surgery after rescheduling 2 times because i wanted to be absolutely sure it would all be covered as i did not want medical bills. The health care facility called them several times as well. They told them no preauthorize was required. That was not good enough for me so they called them again to make sure they were in network and so did I. Well surgery happened and guess what they have never paid 1 penny. Actually the never paid out on any claim. They told me it was becasue i wasnt in network. MMMMMM But i was told i didn't have restrictions and could go anywhere to anyone. I was then told oh yea well you got a $1,000 discount for using a in-network provider. wait lady didn't you just say you didnt cover because i was out of network. Her response was the hospital wasn't covered because they charged for "misc charges" and those are not covered. Frustrated with the whisper like answers that made no sense i pushed her harder. Then she said i had a waiting period so it wasn't covered. If it wasn't covered because of a waiting period then why did i get the "discount" and WHATTTTT I made absolutely sure i didn't have one for the fact i knew surgery was right around the corner. Then said I'm sorry you have to call a different place. Yeaaa. I have never received explanations as to why all claims were denied. They make no sense and this is a complete scam. how has this company not been shut down? Ran by the very people coming over from India scamming us out of millions. I had no clue i could file appeals till now. My credit was ruined. I still can not get any answers. They supposeably record their calls so how do i obtain that record? The guy knowingly gave me false information to sell the policy and by the complaints i have seen now this has happened to 100's and probably everyone who has ever bought this policy. Also when i was asked to have something sent in the mail so i could review it first in detail to see exactly what i was getting he said they couldn't until the policy was sold because of some ridiculous reason i can't remember and now i feel like an idiot. There is way more to add to this ridiculous scamming fraudulent company's scam report but ill leave it here for now...

****Time for a clas action law suit and I know how they work and have a lawyer.. Anyone want in on this? After the law suit i would spend every hour of every day making sure this place is shut down. Im sure there are thousands just like this one out there though.

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