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Freedom Communications

Country United States
State California
City Santa Ana
Address 625 N. Grand Ave.
Phone 714-796-7000

Freedom Communications Reviews

  • Sep 8, 2015

I placed an order by telephone to Freedompop for a refurbished iphone5 in December, 2014 and received the iphone in late February, found handset to be totally inoperable and I called their technical support department where I spent many hours over several months to get the phone activated. I was at no time successful in this. I was told by same that I would be allowed to return the phone for a phone that was working if they could not resolve issue but only more technical support was offered which entailed my agreeing to 'reset' phone's operating system twice which caused me to lose my provided phone number. Internet was periodically available and I was charged $19.98 each and every month which I had set up in my 'autopay' in my bank account regardless of my complaints and grief. I had been hopeful and boastful to other people about this new and exciting service and I had elected to order their most expensive refurbished phone which was an iphone5, costing me$539.00 which I allowed them to debit my checking account in full as a solo payment. And after nearly one month I called to learn if phone had been sent and was told they were deluged with backordered. I called back weeks later and responder said status was unknown.

So I researched situation and internet commerce applicable law and called again to their customer service and demanded to speak with a supervisor. I was transferred to someone who claimed to be their warehouse supervisor who said their was no phone procured for me for shipping as of yet, so I threatened to cancel my order. And that is when he said he would have a phone delivered to me 'within 72 hours.' I agreed to this. However, three weeks later I got my sole email from freedom pop with a link for an internet tracking number for my phone. I then clicked on the link and a message surfaced on screen stating that the tracking number was erroneous. I called them again and the representative confirmed that it had been sent out from their warehouse but they had no idea where it was or when it would reach my street address. What e n it arrived there was no written material to explain activation except a small card that had no understandable directions except to press a button to activate SIM card. I went by to Apple stores in my area for support and called freedom pop technical support while standing with an Apple Service Representative there to augment this phone support we were advised by freedom pop to reload the operating system. Once that was accomplished my allowed phone number with freedom pop was gone from the phone's screen and another phone number from what was found to be a previous freedom pop customer's account. I lost much time and money in this venture which I was excited about because according to tv'sinfomercial' freedom pop had been started by some of the founders of 'Skype' which I had enjoyed using before it was sold to Microsoft. So I do stand by my story here and if anyone representing freedom pop disputes my allegations, I got time baby and can travel and I would love to see you in Court!

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