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Country United States
State Alabama
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  • Mar 2, 2024

I was reading a bloggers site about making money playing games. I looked at I signed up and created an account. To see if this was legitmate I selected only one game, Dice Dreams. It advertised you would get $152.00 for installing the game and finishing the tasks.

I did as expected and played the game. I completed the tasks in 21 days versus the deadline of 50 days. It also stated extra bonuses for in app purchases. I contacted support after a couple of days when I did not see any updates in my profile regarding my game play. She assured me it takes a few days.

I did not worry and continued to play the game. Once I reached Level 51 I looked in my profile to see why my reward did not show. There is an option to contact support through I selected all the tasks I completed and was required to provide screenshots of the completion. I did that and submitted a ticket.

You have to wait 10 days while this information is sent to Dice Dreams. I waited and continued to play the game. Today, I checked my profile for status. Each task had been declined! I provided proof of my completion and put declined. There is no option to dispute this. They take the advertisers side only.

At this point I am pissed. I have been playing this game for 3 weeks AND making in-app purchases to get to level 51! I opened the chat option and I told freecash my issue. Here is where the fraud is really apparent. They said it is up to Dice Dreams to deny the reward and their privacy policy prohibits them from sharing that information. What?!!

I told them I was not cheating at the game and spent money to play the game to win the reward. They still offered no help!

And finally it dawns on me this is the scam. They both do not intend to pay you the reward siting some made up excuse to invalidate your work. Both and Dice Dreams are frauds. GMBLT is located in Germany. Dice Dreams by Superplay is located in Israel. No way to make them accountable for this fraud. brings in new players with the promise of rewards. Dice Dreams gets paying players and supposedly denies the game has been played to their instructions. I am tired of these fraud sites taking advantage of consumers.

Do NOT sign-up for GMBLT OR Dice Dreams by Superplay! They are frauds and will waste your time and money.

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