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Free Spell Caster

Country United States
State Alabama

Free Spell Caster Reviews

  • Jul 12, 2020

Chiranjeev Free Spell Caster is undoubtedly a scammer, cheat and fraud. His trap is simple: he will answer queries on quora and let people go to his websites and contact him. The fact that he offers 'free' services gets him a wider audience. The same thing (which I read in a different report against him here) happened with me as well. He said that my case is "serious" and free spells will be of no help. Then he said that he needs to source his materials using his 'agent' and took around $1200+ from me.

I doubt if Chiranjeev is indeed his real name.

Before the payment, he will take extra care to make sure that you are satisfied. He will answer all your queries patiently - not coming across as a scammer even for a moment. And yes! He does tells you a lot about what scammers do and how you should avoid them. He will also 'double bluff' saying you can use other people for the services but at the same time he will warn you enough not go ahead with others. He will ask for your personal details as well to give the impression that he is genuine and will work on the project. I wanted to pay him via Paypal but he convinced me not to , which should have been a big red flag for me.

Anyways I truly hope that people like him are jailed. I am already pulling some strings in India as well. Sometimes one might look upto him as the last hope for some 'magic' but instead Chiranjeev is just scamming them. This is a very well planned scam with a website and free ebooks to give the impression that he is an authority figure in the field! Chiranjeev Free Spell Caster is just a scammer and a big CHEAT. He should be banned in Quora.

Note: I wish I found this site sooner. I was not aware of this until someone else who faced the same experience like me posted about this and it came up on Google. I am thankful for this platform.

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