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Freddy's Hair Braiding and Barber Shop

Country United States
State Maryland
City Silver Spring
Address 7908 Georgia Ave
Phone 301-490-4449

Freddy's Hair Braiding and Barber Shop Reviews

  • Sep 6, 2017

I went to Freddy's Hair Braiding shop at 7910 GA Ave, Silver Springs, MD on Monday September 4, 2017. I was there for 8 hours and when I left at 9:00 PM I was satisfied but she said put it in a ponytail. What is that! I wanted to wear my hair out. She gave me a croquet hair style at her recommendation because of the hair that I had so I took her professional advice. When I got home and examined my hair the croquet hair that she put in was loose because she didn't properly lock it and it came out if you pull on it just a little. Just imagine what my hair would look like once I washed it. When I called her the next day Sept 5, 2017 and told her about my hair she said that she was in Baltimore. She ask me what did I want her to do and I told her that I wanted my hair done over and that I had to take off wok because my hair was a mess and she said okay she would redo my hair. I told her that I would take the hair out that she put in so she could do it when she came in and she said okay. She said she didn't want her staff to do my hair that she would do it.

However, when Freddy got in the shop she called me and said that she forgot she had clients and that her staff would have to do my hair and I had to pay them. I was livid by then and I told her that I was not going to pay another $155.00 and she said sorry they had to be paid. All merchants give a credit or refund for inferior product or poor service. This lady is unfair and she did not accept responsibility for her work. She changed he script from I will redo to oh I forgot I have clients so you have to pay my staff to do your hair. I was shocked that she didn't recipate and just wanted more money. I am filing my complaint everywhere that I can and exercise my first amendment rights. I wil consult counselor about this issue as well. Every transactiom with her is cash and carry credit cards are not accepted there.

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