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Freddie Mac

Country United States
State Alaska
City McLean
Address 8200 Jones Branch Drive, Mailstop 434,
Phone (888) 995- (4673)

Freddie Mac Reviews

  • Jul 8, 2016

Freddie Mac committed fraud with false advertising, untrue misleading statements to fraud my family into purchasing unrepaired home with sinkhole. Freddie Mac knowingly placing these homes on the market by disclosing false information without regard to families safety. Freddie Mac knew grounds had previously collapse in the backyard. The floors collapsing in secondary bedrooms and broken floors hidden under new carpet. Freddie Mac was aware children would be sleeping in the bedrooms but did not care if they exit before the floors collapse. My family have contacted their regulator FHFA, HUD, FTC and Consumer Protection because it is Freddie Mac their actions are allowed to continue. It will cause another economic crisis. Freddie Mac should not have been allowed after contributing to the last economic crisis to set up another company Homesteps to market these homes with false advertising. Freddie Mac gave my family a false sense of security while leaving us in a home in midst of grounds collapsing. Freddie Mac committed wire fraud demanding all money wired before I enter closing. My family was displaced after force to move out due to collapsing floors. I pray another family do not experience the hardships my family suffered with having to stay with various relatives and child force to leave her friends and school but when it is Freddie Mac their actions are allowed to continue.

  • Apr 18, 2016

Freddie Mac has appeared to have or given misinformation about my mortgage. The bank has said that Freddie Mac is preventing me from for receiving assistance with the mortgage payments. My hardship letter has included situations since super storm Sandy caused over 50% damage on the house when Ramapo road. Also included in the hardship letter was my becoming the primary health-care provider of my sister dealing with her breast cancers and then her stage IV lung cancer which led to her death. The house on has finally started to be listed but I have not been living in the house since November 2015. In the meantime I have been renting a room in the house where I have been able to store most of the property that was not damaged during the storm. During this time I had to continue paying the taxes, insurance is, and the flood insurance which of course has raised yearly since the storm because the flood insurance companies want the house is to be raised.

All I'm asking is for some understanding in helping to renegotiate or refinance the house payments.

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