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Fred Loya Insurance

Country United States
State Texas
City El Paso
Address 1800 Lee Trevino
Phone 1.888.248.8787

Fred Loya Insurance Reviews

  • Apr 3, 2020

Unethical Insurance Company

I was in a car accident with a woman with Fred Loya Car Insurance. Before that day I had not heard of the insurance company. Come to find out they provide low cost low coverage car insurance. So if the policy holder gets in an accident you have no choice but to hire an attorney to get your medical bills covered or get the total value of your vehicle. I was told the policy had a max coverage of $15,000. This is an unethical business. The woman in the car accident was so kind and apologetic. I felt sick having to sue when her insurance should be covering her.

  • Feb 9, 2019

Using FISA unapproved wire taps

Fred Loya Insurance was started mysteriously, by someone who did not appear to have the money to start an insurance company (because he was not a bank or huge corporation). This start up should have been the red flag for the Texas Insurance Board. The American system (unlike the commonwealth systems) encourages risky investments and startups with government insurance. This encouragement facilitates growth. It also facilitates irresponsible banks that later have to close down and take tax money to pay their surprised depositers.

However, they let him begin, and he did. Aggressively seeking clients who were not aware of the American legal system, he took advantage of poor immigrants, claiming to insure them fully. He also took advantage of the people they hit with their cars. As long as Loya could avoid payment and take in coverage fees, his company could grow. It did.

While I represent myself against them, I am frequently reminded by their hired counsel of the contents of my hard drive, and that he is using illegal spy software to gain access to my files. I sent a faxed medical record then received a fraudulent letter from a fake doctor requesting more records without HIPPA. Their strategies are illegal, and use the tools of the government against people who make claims against them. The FBI should investigate them to determine the extent of their fraud and illegal wiretaps, hacking and other crimes.

  • Dec 1, 2018

I had taken out Auto insurance with Fred Loya and in within the next few months I had a driver hit my 2002 Honda civic on the left front fender damaging the fender, tearing off the front bumper , breaking the tie rod underneath and bending my left front wheel in at the bottom and out at the top. I called and asked Fred Loya Insurance to grant me more coverage to be able to have my 2002 Honda repaired and they told me " oh your 2002 Honda is too old fro more coverage"!

This was an attempt by Fred Loya Insurance to avoid having to pay for the damage to my 2002 Honda! TI would advise anyone considering this company to note that an attorney I spoke with concerning the matter told me "Fred Loya Insurance is at the top of our Black List as being theworst company you could be insured by"!! I would advise anyone considering Fred Loya to think again!!!

  • Feb 21, 2018

I was waiting in line at Starbucks drive-thru, a vehicle was pareked in front and behind me. Fred Loya insurer comes against the line tries to cut line, sees a gap between my car and takes 25% of my car(T-bones my side front door and tire). I submitted a claim Fred Loya adjuster Richard Salcedo and he indicated denial to my claim was due to driver inattention, improper lookout, improper start from a stopped position. I asked to explain how if I was in line waiting, parked in the drive thru lane.

So basically it was my fault for being in line at a drive-thru, and Im at fault for getting hit at a drive-thru while their insurer was not. I've looked at BBB complaints, at Consumer Affairs and they have significant valid complaints like mine. BBB have rated them with an F. This is not a mexican thing, Im hispanic and have values,work ethics, and feel this is wrong for the Texas Department of Insurance to allow them to be in business, they're scamming people and sit and do nothing. They have an ambigous name of Loya and Fred Loya to mislead people where to submit the claim.

I thought both were differenct comapnies which delayed my claim. After diaagreeing with the adjuster he had the odacity to tell me it would cost more to hire a lawyer than to fix it myself ($421.21), and this is how they get away with it. It is such a small claim that they know we can't fight them. Keep complaining, keep reporting them to the Texas Department of Insurance, keep reporting to the BBB, keep reporting to these websites to make our voice louder. Class-action suits, contact me I have all my documentation. We have rights too!

  • Jan 4, 2018

Not sure how this insurance company (Fred Loya Insurance) is allowed to stay in business. Here is my current issue with the company. My daughter is away in the Dallas, TX area for school, we are from Arizona. In November of this year her vehicle was traveling on a four lane roadway in the far right curb lane. The three lanes next to her were backed up because of the busy intersection, but her right hand turn lane was fairly clear. An individual insured by Fred Loya decided to make a left hand turn from the opposite direction in the roadway through the break in the three backed up lanes. She failed to yield for my daughter who had the right of way in her lane and proceeded to try and cross all four lanes into the shopping complex. Needless to say my daughter did not see her coming across and the driver of the other vehicle ultimately collided with the rear driver side door of my daughters vehicle. Bottom line my daughter had the right of way and the other insured was negligent.

Initially we received a message (recorded) from from the adjuster representing Fred Loya who indicated that their insured was 90% at fault and my daughter was 10%. Was not happy about the 10% but they said my daughter was going to fast for the conditions.... A couple weeks later we are now trying to set up where to take my daughters vehicle to be repaired and we are now being told that my daughter is 100% responsible and they denied the claim, no notice, phone call, etc.. they just decided to change and deny. I contacted Fred Loya to try and figure out what was going on and they now said they spoke to a witness who claims my daughter was "speeding". This witness was one of the vehicle stopped and backed up in traffic in the third lane and stated that my daughters vehicle drove past her in the right hand turn lane and was "speeding" I questioned this witness's credibility and their determination of what "Speeding" is? No answer they just liked that this witness said the word "speeding". Mind you the speed limit on this roadway is 40mph and if this witness is at a complete stand still and if someone drives up next to her at the speed limit they will probably look like they are "speeding". As it is my daughter and the others that were in her car estimated that they were only going 20-25mph and the right turn lane they were in had just started about 100 yard back.

Basically Fred Loya has completely failed to realize and take responsibility for the fact that their insured "FAILED TO YIELD THE RIGHT OF WAY"

Ultimately I've run into a couple of snags along the way. My daughter who is a young 19 year old exchanged information with the other driver (Fred Loya insured) but they did not call the police as the other driver (Fred Loya insured) felt that it was not necessary. My coverage on my daughter vehicle is liability only so I'm now at a point of being forced to pay for the repairs myself as I can't file a claim with my insurance. (I actually believe if my daughter was "speeding" or traveling over the posted speed limit the damages would be much worse)

My insurance company has done their investigation, since we were now being told we are 100% at fault, and the other insured has made a claim. Our insurance company (Reputable company- Farm Bureau) ultimately determined that my daughter was not negligent (spoke to all the same witnesses, including the "speeding" witness) and came to an accurate determination that the left turning lane that the other driver (Fred Loya Insured) IS TO YIELD TO ONCOMING TRAFFIC, WHETHER OR NOT SPEED CAN BE PROVEN ON PART OF THE INSURED (my daughter).

With all the negative reviews I have read regarding Fred Loya Insurance, I am not surprised with what I am dealing with! Unfortunately as many times as I have called Fred Loya and tried to explain that their insured was the one that was negligent I get the same response. They continue to deny the claim and I have not found a way to get through to them. They seem to have an easy way of just dening claims and no authority or oversight to hold them responsible. I basically have two insurance companies that completed investigations and each are determining that the other party is negligent and I am stuck in the middle with no recourse because of the completely illogical determination of negligence on the part of Fred Loya Insurance.

  • Mar 8, 2017

I have been a client with Fred Loya Insurance for a year. I pay $225 a month for full coverage. I was hit 3 weeks ago at 8pm at night. I have never been in any type of fender bender. So, the young lady was sweet, apologetic, shaken up. I mentioned we should file a police report, but she begged me saying she had to be somewhere. So, i felt bad and just exchanged paperwork. The following morning i filed a claim with my insurance company, Fred Loya. Yesterday, i received a certified letter stating that they will not accept my claim because i didn't notify them "promptly " in writing. How can i pay full coverage for something and be told no? How is calling within 12 hours not prompt? How am i to know it has to be in writting? Wouldn't that take days to get to them by mail? Biggest scam ever. Now, i have to find a bad faith attorney and pay out of pocket. Worst nightmare ever. Do yourself a favor, avoid Fred Loya at all costs. If there is a class action law suit going on, please contact me. I'm in.

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