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Fred Haas Toyota World

Country United States
State Texas
City Spring
Address 20400 Interstate 45 N
Phone 1 281-297-7000

Fred Haas Toyota World Reviews

  • Apr 15, 2019

On April 9th I purchased a new vehicle from this dealership. I explained to them I was in a hurry and didn't have much time and it would be better to complete the transaction on a later date but I was told don't worry it would be fast.

I was quoted one price for the vehicle. I was told I the price included a 1,150 discount from the sales manager and they would reimburse for my service charges.

Sales portion was fine but once I got to the finance department they kept trying to push an extended warranty on me. I explained the car would be shipped out of the country so I didn't need those services. They would not accept this reply and kept pushing and pushing. They told me to take the mininal and it would only be 30 a month and I could cancel it and they would refund the unused portion.

I finally agreed to this because I felt that was the only way I could get out of the office.

He would not close out the paperwork and allow me to refuse the extra services.

They had me sign a bunch of papers and didn't give me copies only a thumb drive.

Then they had me sign a second set of papers because they said the first set was in the wrong name.

I should have read all this in detail but I did not have time for that. They knew I didn't have time. I trusted they would be honest.

When I finally got to my destination and had access to a computer I pulled up the paperwork they gave me on the memory stick. To my shock they didn't only charge me for the minor option I agreed to they charged over 6,000 for extra services I repeately told them I did not need or want. I also could not verify where the credit were applied that the sales department had promised me.

I had immediatley left out of the county after purchasing this vehicle so I could not just drive back up to the store and address them in person.

I made repeated calls and was transfered all around but nobody ever seemed to anwer the phone.

Spoke to Randy in sales and per him the sales department showed it in the system for 41K all the problem occured in the finance department.

Only person I could get to answer in the finance department was a guy name Andy. According to him I was basically screwed. He said in Texas once you sign the agreement you are stuck with the car even if deception was used to get you to sign the agreement.

Phil Ford is the finance manager. I left multiple messages to him but he never returned my call.

I tried multiple times to contact anyone thru there Chat feature on the website. I was constantly told someone would follow up with me via email or phone. No follow up.

These people used sneaky under handed tacktics to get extra money out of people.

When you try to refuse the other services they want to sell you they won't process the paperwork for you to leave the office with out those services.

When you try to contact them once you have left the office they hide and act like no one can answer a phone or return a call. I am not sure if there is time limit they are trying to let run out or why they would purposely avoid customers unless they know they are running a scam.

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