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Fred Beans Volkswagen

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Devon
Address 315 W Lancaster Ave
Phone 610-687-0700

Fred Beans Volkswagen Reviews

  • Nov 24, 2015

Fred beans is perhaps the worst car dealership that i’ve encountered. In addition to the countless hours spent throughout the summer having my car fixed, i’ve had to spend additional countless hours at another dealership having their work corrected—at my expense both in time and dollars.

I purchased a certified pre-owned vehicle from fred beans in march. Within the first few weeks, the battery died. At first the dealership described the issue as wear and tear and that i would be responsible for the cost. I explained to the service director, his name was brad, that i put less than 500 miles on the car and asked how there was any way i could have been responsible for the battery dying that quickly. He offered to split the cost but after several more hours of waiting for the dealership to correct the issue, they did cover the cost of the battery.

A few weeks later i blew a tire on a pothole, which was fine because the car has 18” rims so i purchased the extended coverage. Yet, somehow, when another tire was evaluated the fred beans staff gave the tread a 3 rating. Again, this raised questions. I had driven the certified pre-owned car less than a thousand miles but one of the tires had a 3 rating, how is that possible? So, again, the service director let me know that it was up to me to cover the cost, if i wanted to change out the tire of course. Well, obviously i elected to have one of the “good” tires A tire that was not damaged by the pothole) changed because it would need changing “in a few weeks anyway” and would “match the new tire covered by warranty.” after the tire change and the alignment the cost surpassed $400.

A month or so later i received a letter in the mail that the car was under recall, to bring the car in, and fred beans would correct the issue. So again, i brought the car in, waited around five hours for them to correct the issue, even though i scheduled an appointment, they “corrected” the issue and i left. However, after a recent service at a different, more competent, dealership i was instructed that the water pump had ruptured and that the original service was not conducted properly.

Between the recall notice and the most recent service, however, was where some questionable practices ensued. While driving the car in september the engine “pitter pattered” and subsequently died. The car had to be towed to the competent car dealership where the car was then evaluated. The competent car dealership instructed that the coils and spark plugs were so worn that they were not sure how i was even able to drive for the last few hundred miles. The car had been driven for less than 4,000 miles. Further, and much more alarming the competent car dealership instructed that the spark plugs and coils should have been changed at 40,000 miles, which is a customary practice at all vw dealerships. Moreover, the competent dealership also instructed that there was not only any way that i could have put that much wear on the coils and spark plugs, but there was no way that their dealership or any other dealership would have certified this car. The service director at the competent dealership used the word “negligence” upon describing the practices by the fred beans service department. I immediately called the service director, brad again, and let him know what happened to the car, the work being done, the cost, and what the dealership said about the car and the treatment by fred beans.

Brad vehemently denied any wrong doing by the dealership or himself, as the service director. Brad even pointed out that it was he who signed off on the certified pre-owned seal of approval for the car i purchased. However, when i asked brad if he physically inspected the car prior to signing off on the paperwork, he said quite bluntly, “no.” the cost for this service surpassed $450. The competent dealership told me to report the practices of fred beans immediately and file a claim against them for the over $1,000 i’d spent on the car at this point. Unfortunately, vw of america has bigger issues right now than dealing with my claim.

During the last service, in addition to finding the water pump issue, the service director at the competent dealership broke the news about the front brakes. They needed to be changed. I said, “already?” i’ve had the car for around 9,000 miles. The competent service director said breaks on the particular car that i own are inconsistent but generally go between 20,000 and 40,000 miles. While she explained that at her dealership they usually change the breaks on a certified car, they only have to have so much tread to pass the inspection. She told me that while it’s generally a shady practice to not change the breaks and that dealerships will usually change the breaks, it’s not always done. So, of course, fred beans didn’t change the breaks prior to the sale of the vehicle.

In sum, i would urge you to never do business with fred beans, in any capacity. Never purchase a car from anthony, the sales manager. Never deal with brad, the service director. Where fred beans is cited as conducting similar practices proportionate to the aforementioned. I’ve spent close to $3,000 fixing perpetuating issues with the car. Fred beans doesn’t care and has done nothing to help me offset any of the costs. The car is, unfortunately, becoming unaffordable. In addition, something much worse could have happened as a result of the engine death that was branded as “negligence” by a competent dealership.

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