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Frayer Creek Yorkies

Country United States
State Michigan
City Drummond
Address 31165 S Maxton Rd
Phone 989 351 7435

Frayer Creek Yorkies Reviews

  • Nov 7, 2018

April 13th I bought a dog from Cari, she had called me the day before because she had a pup the someone did not pick up. I had placed a $250 deposit for a puppy that would be born in June. I decided to take the Puppy (Phoebe) and delivered her on the 13th. When she dropped off the pup I had asked for health records on the parents and she said she would send them as she forgot to put them in the car. (She never sent them). July 2 Phoebe started to throw up (3times) just liquid. We took her to the Vet (Hospital Clinic) and they admitted her, I immediately called Cari and told her what was going on. The vet told us that Phoebe was in Kidney failure. They had the poor thing on IV's and she was not getting better she was getting worse. We had to make the decision to put her down so she would not suffer any more. When I called Cari again she said she would not stand by her health guarantee because I put the dog down she wanted me to drive the Dog to her (which was 8 hours away) so she could take her to her vet. I was devastated that she would even want that poor thing in the car that long, Phoebe would not have lasted that long and I was not putting that poor little thing through that. I sent Cari all of our records and again asked for parent health records and she would not send them. She then said she wanted the vet to write something tell her why the puppy would not be a good companion for our family, WHAT the poor thing was dying that is why. I would not recommend her to anyone she is an awful person to even deal with. I now have to take her to small claims court to get her to back her guarantee. My family and I are devastated!!!

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