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Fox Valley Environmental Pest Control

Country United States
State Illinois
City Elburn
Address 3N201 Echo Valley Ln
Phone 630-338-0200

Fox Valley Environmental Pest Control Reviews

  • Oct 30, 2017

I had Jim from Fox Valley environmental out to my home After finding a dead mouse near my outdoor grill. Jim said that he would only remove the dead mouse if I signed up for the full house service which included mouse proofing my entire home inside and out the service was $1575 I agreed to the service only because he put the fear in me that mice had easy access to my home I wrote him a check that day. 2 weeks later the service had not been completed. so I decided to cancel it after speaking with my husband and neighbors who felt that the service was unnecessary. we have never had mice in our home and that the 1 mouse outside was random. I did call Jim and explained that since it had been two weeks since I signed up for the service and it still hadn’t been done that I was going to cancel. it took him nearly 3 weeks to respond to my several calls and then when he finally returned my check he only returned $825 of a $1545 check. There was a $345 charge for putting poison packs in my garage and basement and he also charge me $375 to remove the dead mouse I think that is absolutely absurd it took 10 minutes to remove this mouse and I certainly would not have paid $375 for that I think he used it as a scare tactic to get me to do the full service and when I refused he took advantage of the fact that he already had my money and charged me an absurd amount. I Spoke with him on the phone and tried to understand his reasoning and he basically told me that he can charge whatever he wants even though it is not in writing or wasnt discussed. I should’ve canceled my check but I was trying to do the right thing by going through the proper channels in speaking with him. First. Unfortunate he saw it as an opportunity to take advantage of me since I had. already paid This in my eyes is bad business !!! I definitely would not recommend using their services

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