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Fox Rent a Car‎

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Address 5500 W. Century Blvd.
Phone (855) 571-8410

Fox Rent a Car‎ Reviews

  • Sep 10, 2021

Unreliable & Uncaring

Booked a rental with Fox Rent-A-Car on August 4, 2021 for pickup on August 31st.

The booking was confirmed on August 28th.

A rental car was never provided and Fox Rent-A-Car did NOT offer any kind of assistance.

- Waited 25 minutes for the Fox shuttle.

- Bus driver would NOT let us on the shuttle.

- Bus driver stated we could NOT rent a car.

- Fox Rent-a-Car had no concern with leaving us stranded at the airport after 10PM.

  • Dec 16, 2020

I booked a car rental through Fox Rent a Car when booking our plane tickets through a travel agency (CheapOair). I paid $311.22 at the time of booking. I was told I would owe $32.06 when I pick up the car. When we arrived, they would not allow us to take the car without paying an additional $425.02 plus a $150 refundable deposit. They said the extra money was for all of the insurance we need plus SunPass for tolls. I informed them we did not need their insurance as we both have our own full coverage. They said we had to get their insurance. We didn't have any other choice but to agree and take the car.

My husband called their corporate office and was told they should not have done that and to speak with a manager before signing the car back in when we leave. The gentleman said he was sending them an email to refund the money for the insurance.

When retuning the car, the same man that checked us in was the one checking us out. He again stated that we had to have their insurance regardless of having our own. We told him that we had already spoken to their corporate office and were told that is not true, and he should have an email telling them to refund the money. He said that some of the money was for the SunPass for tolls ($95.92). I agreed to pay that for the week as well as the taxes and fees. He gave me a receipt for $230.95 which I agreed to pay even though I'm not exactly sure what my original $311.22 went towards. So, I paid a total of $542.17 for one week of renting a car. I was not happy with this, but I agreed. Then I received my credit card charge of $279.04. I know it's less than $50 extra, but I was already unhappy with what I was paying. I have disputed the charge amount and am waiting to hear back from my credit card company.

I believe Fox Rent a Car scams people when they are out of town and have no other choice but to pay what they tell them to pay. It appeared they do this with everyone. When we were picking up, there was a woman arguing with them about payment. When we dropped off, there was a group of men arguing with them about payment. We had to argue with them about payment, and then they still charged us more. I would recommend never using this company and I hope they go out of business for their shady practices.

  • Jun 12, 2020

Fox rent-a-car refuses to return my deposit without cause. I paid all tolls with cash and have receipts for every one of them, and I cleaned the car and filled the tank before returning it. The receipt sent by e-mail upon return contains charges that do not match the rental agreement, and provides no information regarding my deposit or in any way indicates the $150 deposit as a separate and refundable charge. The pre-purchase contract obtained online several weeks in advance did not require an additional deposit, nor did any of the paperwork provided throught that venue indicate a deposit would later be required. However, when I picked up the vehicle for use, the charge to my account was raised to include a deposit. The customer service agent assured me it would be returned when I dropped off the car. The deposit has not been returned and when I called to inquire why, I was told to go to the rental office in person to resolve my issue, although it is clear by the paperwork and my identification that I live in another State. I have continued to attempt resolution by phone, but I am repeatedly put on hold and/or when transfered the connection gets cut off. The few times I have been successful with speaking to a customer service representative, each of the individuals I spoke with cannot access the same information that is reflected in the documents provided to me, and refuse to provide contact infromation for their supervisors.

  • Dec 21, 2019

My husband rented a car online in August from Fox for the 27th of September in San Francisco. He paid online for the rental. He also rented a car online for a week from Fox in Maui and paid for that online. We returned the car in Maui with no issues.

We then boarded a flight to San Francisco and tried to pick up the rental car there. The agent told him there was an issue, that my husband was on a list of people who should not be rented to. He could or would not tell us why.

He went in the back to speak to his supervisor who would not come out and speak to us. He gave my husband a customer service number to call and would not speak to us further. Customer service was closed. There is no issue with my lhusband's icense or driving record.

They will not refund the money or explain what they think the issue is. IMy husband first called customer service and was told it was a mistake and they would reimburse him for that car and the car he had to rent from another company. We never received that refund.

My husband then called again and was told that they "couldn't hear him, call back tomorrow" and they hung up on him. I then sent an email to the online company that deals with the rental car agencies and they got someone to contact my husband who took the information, said she would get back to him and never did.

I contacted that company again and the same woman sent an email asking for details. She already had the details from the last conversation and when my husband called she also said she couldn't hear him and to call back. The phone was continually busy. I again contacted that company and they had someone else look into the matter.

They sent an email saying "We're sorry, but on this occasion we are unable to provide you with a refund. The local rental company has confirmed that there are specific reasons to refuse the vehicle please contact the supplier for more information Unfortunately, we cannot refund in these circumstances. " No one will give us a refund or even provide the reason my husband was denied a rental car.

  • Aug 12, 2019

My traveling companion booked a rental car from Fox through Expedia, and we picked up the car in Fort Morgan, Colorado, on August 8, 2019. First there were extra charges when we arrived to pick up the car.

Next, on Friday August 10, the car was severely damaged in a hit and run while it was legally parked. There were no witnesses. We contacted the police, and then we called Fox car rental.

They told us they had no record of our additional insurance, and we should pay to have the car towed to them. My friend has full coverage on her own car, but we could not get them a claim number from her insurance company because it was after ten on a Friday night.

After some discussion, they agreed to send a tow truck, but they told us that we had to stand on the side of the road in the dark, after ten at night, and wait for their tow truck to arrive. We refused. They refused to come get their car without us waiting for it until the police officer spoke to them on my phone. They also refused to bring a replacement car.

The police officer drove us to our hotel because the rental car was not safe to drive. We were without a car for two days while visiting Fort Morgan, Colorado.

  • Oct 23, 2018

Please do not rent from this company. This has been the worst experience from start to finish. I rented a vehicle for 2 weeks for my parents visit. I rented the car through the website That part was fine. I went to go pick up the car from their location at SFO. The line was horrible. I am not exaggerating when I say it was a solid 2 hour wait just to get to a representative. They found my reservation but on top of what I paid for the rental they also told me I had to pay an additional $1000 because I am a San Francisco resident. I kid you not because of Lyft and Uber operating in SF they are now imposing a $1000 deposit because they think I will steal the car. Also, I’m only allowed to pay the $1000 on a credit card. I can’t use my debit card. Once again because I live in San Francisco. Also, I tried to put the deposit on a different credit card and she told me I had to put it on the same credit card that I booked my rental. She told me if I was from another city then I wouldn’t have to pay a deposit because they assume since I have to catch a flight then I won’t steal the car. Well, my credit card is maxed out from booking reservations for my family’s visit and they wouldn’t take my debit card or a different credit card. I also just checked their website and the $1000 deposit is not listed anywhere. There was no way for me to know in advance that I would need to pay such a large deposit. They told me they could cancel my reservation and rent the car to my dad’s credit card but when I asked to just cancel the reservation they told me they would not do it. I asked if I could just come back the next day with the $1000 deposit and pick up the car at that time and she told me that I could not. She said that if I did not take the car that night then my reservation would be cancelled AND they will keep the full amount I paid for the rental. I denied an opportunity to comply with the policy that is not listed on their website. Finally I was able to get my dad from the airport and she cancelled my rental and rented the car to my dad instead. They still made us pay the $1000 but she also told me that since we got the insurance then we would get the full deposit back when we return the car since all damage is covered. Well, I returned the car over a week ago and they did not refund the $1000. I have been talking to a company rep and she says the extra $1000 is charged as the basic insurance for the car. My $40 a day rental has a $47 a day bare minimum insurance charge on top. So they used a deceitful policy that is not listed on their website as a means to deny me my original rental and charge me more than double of what I was going to pay.

  • Oct 4, 2017

I'm a retired US citizen living overseas and looking for a vehicle to bring to Honduras,Central America,checking the internet an advertising called my attention A Toyota Tacoma Access Cab,2009, 4x4, Manual, 2.7 4 Cyl, I contacted them and agree to a price $ 6900.00 US dolars, they were in a hurry and in order to make a deal I shoul send $ 700.00 for shipping to Honduras and I pay the balance on delivery ( COD ) I offer to make a transfer from my checking account in the USA, or a charge to my American Express credit card, they refused and told me to send a MONEYGRAM to his brother in EL SALVADOR to his brother

  • May 5, 2017

Fox rent a car sucks i arrived at car rental to a 1.5 hour line up, only to have them refuse my reservation for a rental,I made the reservation with my email and phone number for a group of us to rent a car with a designated driver after my online booking thru one of the agents and she switched the drivers name to him, his flight was delayed 3 hours , we called fox they said they would cancel the reservation if he did not arrive before the three hours, so i decided to go pick up the car so not to loose the resevation,seeing as how i made the reservation under my name my email my phone number they did not want to honor the resevation but charge me double the price if i didnt like it step away from the counter and call copporate I was told, after further disscussion he agreed to ask his manager for permission to allow me the original reservation with the privilidge of renting from them, I indicated that we had rented a 7 seater and had 7 sets of golf clubs he said it wouldnt fit, i had confirmed online with an agent that infact the vehicle was in the rate class of an expedtion or suburban but we were given an explorer,and to add insult to injury we left a jacket in the car and i returned the next day to get it and they still have not returned it.Terrible customer service rude people at the counter.

  • Nov 30, 2016

Rented a car from Fox in October to pick up at LAX. Waited almost 1 hour for shuttle.

After arriving at rental office, line was out the front door and down the sidewalk. waited another hour to finally get to counter. Awful service.

My main complaint though , is the fact that they never told me anything about how tools are handled in CA, I would gladly have rented an EZ pass. But was not offered this option.

Almost 2 months after the rental I was billed $90.00 dollars for tolls?? I maybe went through 8 to 10 tolls and the roads have no cash lanes, states "Plate Pass" they charged me 90 dollars for 8 to 10 tolls? Tried calling them , cant reach anyone..

Apparantly they have this cost somewhere in the fine print... I will NEVER use this crap company again, sometimes it makes no sense to try and save a few bucks on a car rental, I'll stick with Hertz or Enterprise etc..

Dont use Fox is my advice

  • Sep 28, 2016

We rented a car from Fox Renta Car in Maui. We waited at least 40 minutes to get our rental from an offside location from the airport. We finally received a car, an old, dirty, Hyundai Elantra. We did not complain and took off on our way to the hotel. Within 10" we realized the A/C was inop. We returned the car to get a Chevy Cruze and off we went again to the hotel. The attendant said the temperature gauge was on full hot and said he would not risk driving the car.

We called Fox, but no answer. We called again the next morning and they agreed to replace the car. They then tried to charge us for the tow charge on top of the rental fee and no credit for the day we lost driving. I have now called three time from California to get this resolved and am still waiting to talk to someone??? The worst experience I have had on a Maui rental in about 15 years. I forgot to mention the turn in time. This was another 30" to get the account in the computer and then I got the wrong receipt.

I complained to Expedia who called the company and they will not give me a receipt or bill for the turn in. The receipt I got was for the wrong car, the wrong client and the wrong time frame, and the wrong discount. They also would not call Expedia back and finally told Expedia they would refund nothing, so I guess we have been screwed by Fox Rent A Car. My worst Experience in 15 years. Go with a proven company in Maui like Alamo or Budget. I have to say Expedia did give me a coupon ofr a hotel for the next time we vacation. Not cash but better than nothing. Fox would not discount 10 cents.

  • Oct 21, 2015

I chose the company fox rent a car was because of the price. When i got to the counter after a night flight, tired... They said that I had to pay for the insurance. That comes out double of your rental time. I explained the employee that my credit card covers the insurance but he kept discussing with me and he wasn't gonna let me rent the car. I was there for more than an hour. And I ended up having to pay for the insurance. In other companies you have the option of contracting insurance on the website for a better price. And you don't have surprises!

  • Aug 22, 2015


First of all when you get a quote on the sites like expedia they are extremely low rates--when you get to the agency they sell you all kinds of insurance--you must buy the mandatory Mexican liability insurance which is from $15 to $30 a day and they negotiate it.

I rented from Fox August the 4th for two weeks--they gave me a Hyundai Elantra for $590 including insurance for the two weeks. I pulled out of the agency and noticed the car was not full of gas--no big deal--then hit a moth on the windshield--No wiper fluid in the car--then stopped to get groceries--no remote so I struggled to find the trunk opener which was under the drivers floormat that wasn't in place properly.

The real problem started upon return--they looked over the car and pointed out dings and nicks that were already on the car when I rented it--then proceeded to tell me I lost a remote which the car never came with--it was not on the condition report either--argued back and forth with a couple of Rude Mexicans--they insisted the remote was with the car when I rented it and proceeded to charge me $464 for a remote for the car

I truly believe this is something they do all the time to Americans to make extra money---so stay clear of this company!!!!! Fox rent a car is a JOKE!!!!

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