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Forever Living Products International, LLC

Country United States
State Arizona
City Scottsdale
Address 7501 E McCormick Pkwy
Phone 480-998-8888

Forever Living Products International, LLC Reviews

  • Sep 2, 2017

This company (For ever living products) just made a policy change that will effect the lives if hundreds of thousands of people in a very negative way. After building many extremely large businesses in the last couple of decades to the point of filling up stadiums and seeing how some companies didn’t really care about people but the profits instead. I took several years to research all of them and came down to only one. I got involved paid thousands of dollars to develop a system to help people from all walks of life and had helped 1500 people to this point getting started and many of them being able to get started with Zero money invested and no monetary risk. Many of those were taught how to start and eventually many of them have progressed to the point that they are now earning an income and helping many others. Even professionals that have gotten involved saw this as an excellent way to help those in troubled financial ways move out of the situation and many win again. The reason they were able to do this is they got involved and they were helped to spread the word and others started their business and even though they would not be paid on any volume of business generated by those they got started as there was a minimum requirement of consumption to be paid the bonuses, they built up to it and eventually got paid from the effort and then consumed. The company offered anyone that was willing to work a way up. Today they announced that this will be removed. While the greed will still allow anyone to get a number at no cost to buy, however no longer will allow someone the opportunity to get involved and start to work and build a business at all. In other words for you to earn you have to spend at least $300.00 and will not be allowed to help anyone get started and have the opportunity to build. This is usually a decision made by a bean counter that has no idea the repercussions this will have in peoples lives. In my organization we will be having several large conferences to exit this company. I was just about to invest 30.000 dollars in September on my system to help people have a great training on building that I had already spend over 100000 of my money and is working great helping people globally. DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH FOR EVER LIVING. There is no reason for a company to make a policy change as this since they do not pay anyone that does not qualify in volume anyway. This is total greed and an uncaring greed decision. From now on if you get involved at no cost as you have always been able to do, you will not be able to share and get others involved period. Also if you have not made a purchase in some time they will automatically end your enrollment. Greed has ended many of good companies in the past and this is the beginning of the fall of this once very good company. Good bye For Ever Living. Beware to all. It is now just another MLM company where money comes first not people.

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