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Forever Free Ministries

Country United States
State Georgia
City Marietta
Address 2692 Sandy Plains Rd Ste 1100
Phone (770) 971-7471

Forever Free Ministries Reviews

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  • Mar 26, 2018

This place is a complete scam. They advertise helping addicts transition but that is not what they provide. I was trying to get help for my addiction, but all I got was a place to keep using drugs as long as I paid my dues. They did not properly drug test, in fact, each drug test I did take was easily deceivable by means that should not pass anywhere. They accepted my money and told caring family members I was doing well having full knowledge that I was in fact still using drugs and others in the home were also using. When the house monitor went out of town, not only did she not return, they left the residents unsupervised and without any accountability for an extended period of time. When we did get a new monitor, she herself was also on drugs and participating in these actions with the clients.

They promised weekly substance abuse and life skills classes, which they presented upon entrance with a weekly schedule. I did not attend one single class nor am I aware that any were even facilitated during my time there. The lady who runs the place is a preacher and forces the clients to attend her church. She drives around in a Mercedes and collects $600 monthly from each of the clients living in what was then three houses with multiple people in each bedroom. The only reason most people were kicked out of the program was for non-payment. This place is very sick, there is absolutely no recovery and it is my opinion through observation that the owner is most likely benefitting from the drugs being sold there. Spread the word, do not go here if your aim is help and recovery!

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