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Forestway Chows

Country United States
State Michigan
City Monroe
Address P.O. Box 225
Phone 734-529-5694

Forestway Chows Reviews

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  • Apr 8, 2016

$3500 puppy turns into $20,000 heartbreak Long story short - they don't care about long term health of puppy once they have money in hand. The dog is 3 years old and has had 2 hip dysplasia surgeries - and one ACL. Well into $15,000 with physical therapy. She overnight went lame in January and had septic athritis in her elbows - spent 10 days on IV antiobiotics $3900 and then on long term antiobiotics for 8 weeks $1100 just for meds. Her elbows are both full on dysplasia - she has surgery scheduled for both elbows estimate is $4000 and then will get plasma injections in her her elbows every 9 months at $1000 a pop. Nothing but heart break and at this point I'm sick - Tansek should not be breeding or selling anything for $3500 a pup - The chow community should be aware. This is worst joint confirmation - and bones I've ever seen. I hope Tansek never has to suffer as much as puppies she put into this world.

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  • Feb 28, 2020

Dont buy from Them!

They over charge for sub quality Chows. And promise to help with any issues in the future. They never answer calls or emails. Said they would provide Dna test results and we never got them. They are nothing but scam artists

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  • Mar 8, 2020

Hip dysplasia Forestway Chows

My dog from forestway chows is a beautiful red chow. She is a very important family member which is why this breaks my heart. At 1 and a half she began dragging her back end when she would go to stand. Our playful pup went from running with my 4 other dogs to laying and watching. She can barely put weight on her back end anymore. She has severe hip dysplasia. The vet prescribed pain meds but warned me of the effects to her organs long term taking them. And surgery doesnt always fix the problem. More cases than not its multiple surgeries. We have decided to only give her pain meds on her awful days and manage her pain everyday with CBD oil and salmon oil as the vet had recommended this route to prevent organ failure at such a young age. Our chow had made me fall in love with this breed, but also opened my eyes about show breeders like forestway and caused our whole family heartbreak knowing that this will eventually be the reason she gets put down. She will not live to old age because at now 3 she already is barely being a dog. She is my daughter's best friend and this is devastating. These dogs should be health tested before breeding!! It means life or death!

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