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Forest River, Inc.

Country United States
State Indiana
City Elkhart
Address 1800 West Hively
Phone (574) 522-3693

Forest River, Inc. Reviews

  • Jun 7, 2018

hello, I am writing to drag there name through the mud.

purchased bran new from diamond rv in 2014,tracer ultra light 26 ft.

first yr,kitchen outside door leaked,battled to get fixed, they had it 3 months to fix,

blew 2nd year of camping,3rd year leaked trailing water into inside kitchen, wood damage,

they say as a favor , would fix, did s*** job,and ruined the 3rd year of camping.

put camper in dry storage 2016/17.took out 3 months ago, to get ready to camp this year,

it sat level in my yard, to find after rain to leak at same place, same damage all

over again,delt with forest river direct,they say they tryed to fix ,and now out of warrentee

so i am on my own.

this is not right for it was never fixed proper from day one and i purchased new, and they got my

20,000 plus.

i consider this a lemon, and they new about it,

  • Sep 12, 2016

I picked up a 2014 Forest River XLR Toy hauler in Sept of 2014. Took it on a couple of trips and had good luck to start out. hauling around a couple of harleys riding around the country. in the first year we put on about 12K miles on the camper and enjoyed it alot.

This past Sept ( 1 yr 9 Mon ) we had a trip planned to New York from Wisconsin but unlike the other trips we weren't going to bring the toys in the camper just going lite. ( no weight in the camper other then basics ) We left about 9 Pm and had a good trip going until we were about 6 hours in.

Boom there goes a tire and with that the fender skirting and other trim items on the front driver's side front axle. OK i goes s**t happens, changed to the spare and pressed on until morning where I could pick up a new tire. Then the SECOND tire blew on the passager side rear axle again the same issues the ENTIRE side skirts ripped off and Lights ripped off due to the tire shreading. Ok now Im done with no options but to un hook and go to a tire shop.

Thats when it gets fun!!! The tire shop informed me I had 2 different load range tire, 1 load range E ( 10 ply ) and then 3 load range D tires ( 8 Ply ) then the cause was then pointed out. The valve stems were LOW PRESSURE stems instead of the correct HIGH PRESSURE stems. This is what was believed to have caused the failure. Which then damaged my camper. After $600.00 of new tires and 6 hours we were back on our way. with a camper that looked like a JALOPY.

The manufactor and dealer were both contacted and each of them passed the buck to the other and no one wants to handle the problem. I'm guessing I have about $2500. in damage and then the tires and my time. This is over looking that if I would have been loaded heavy I could have lost the Camper , Harely, and my 70K truck.

Im starting to get to the point I'm needing an attorney. Please if anyone has a camper check your tires and stems to make sure you have the correct ones installed. Again a business that is only concerned in taking your money... No Service or Pride in workmanship!!!

  • Mar 29, 2016

After only 3 years of use, my Rockwood HW 296 started to leak. The canvas, though cared for, clean, waxed began to leak. As well, the refrigerator just stopped working. I am second owner and spent 10, 000 on this camper for mine and my families retirement after 24 years of military service. I had been away from family for over years total. This was my big purchase for a trip with my family out west. Guess who did not go out west? My family. I contacted Ray Brimmer, and Jacob carter from Rockwood and they told me it was my problem. Even though it was only 3 years old, the fact that I was not original owner voided warranty. TJ Snuggles who manufactures the canvas for Rockwood also would not do anything. The camper I just sold to buy this gem was 11 years old and did not leak ever, not even in a tropical storm in Destin, Florida, but my Rockwood High Wall 296 will soak through if you throw a cup of water on the canvas. Thanks for the great treatment Rockwood, mint is a pleasure serving money hungry, deceiving and miserable people such as yourselves. Do not buy a Rockwood. Trust me.

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