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Foam it Green

Country United States
State Illinois
City Riverwoods
Address 2033 Milwaukee Ave #136
Phone 800-516-0949

Foam it Green Reviews

  • Mar 26, 2019

Buyer beware ! It is not as easy to use this product as the advertisement says. The spray nozzle is plastic and cheap. It clogs even if your put a crapload if jelly on it

I bought two 610 kits.

I read alll the instructions and even watched 5 YouTube videos to make sure I knew what to do.

I made sure the tank lady were correct tempatire and shook them for 60 seconds. I connected both hose no leaks. I lubed up the nozzle and sprayer and tip.

I pulled the trigger about 1/3 the way to make sure product mixed and flowed. I tests small wall section and it looked green and dried in the two min

i continued to spray the rest of the wall and the color looked green the entire time so I thought I was good.

When I completed the one wall I switched to the other kit for the other wall and sprayed in same manner.

When I went back to the first wall it was sponge like abs did not dry hard. I picked up the Tanks and one of them the blue one was almost still full. I weighed it and it was 30 lb it comes with 59 lbs in it so it was working just not enough. The B tank was empty.

I checked the valves and both were on full. I changed 5 tips on one wall just to be safe.

I called the company and they said weigh the tank and send pictures so I did.

Their response is my fault for not stopping to check my work ! I was checking my work because it was Green as they say it should be. They told me the pictures I sent looked blue I had theee if my employees look at it idenpendatly and they all said light green color

the company also told me that when I pulled the trigger the first time I should of not pulled it 1/3 I should of pulled it 25%. What ? How do you know if pulling 25% or 33%. Wow

then they told me that it was my fault and I am out of luck on the 700.00 I spent

the issue I have is the second kit worked perfectly and I did everything the same. It is issue with their blue tank and crappy sprayer !

They are not smart customer service friendly customer and lost my business for life. This was 1.200 sq ft test. If I was happy I Have 10,000 sq ft more to do. But no way in hell I would ever use them again

so my warning is even if your super careful and read everything and follow everything don’t expect them to do anything except find ways out of being great customer service company

you have been warned. It cost me 700.00 don’t lose your money too

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