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Florida Atlantic University

Country United States
State Florida
City Boca Raton
Address 777 Glades Road
Phone 5612973000

Florida Atlantic University Reviews

  • Dec 14, 2015

Professor James F Tracy is a disgrace to the academic world and is single-handedly destroying the reputation of Florida Atlantic University. Our students and their families pay good money for an education. However, a degree from FAU brings with it a stigma. The university is rapidly becoming synonymous with Tracy, who has generated a lot of mainstream press for referring to recent tragedies as fake “events” and harassing family members of the victims.

FAU is setting a dangerous precedent by allowing Tracy to remain teaching. This professor is essentially working to legitimize Holocaust denial. He insists that high profile acts of violence like the Sandy Hook shooting, the is/SwHrk">Boston Bombing and the Paris terror attacks were all staged, that no one died and that victims and their families are actually “crisis actors” willingly participating in plots to manipulate the public into going along with the political agendas of rogue government leaders.

Teaching an altered and perverted version of historic events runs contrary to the mission of educational institutions, which is to fill young minds with knowledge about the true nature of the world they live in and prepare them to compete in it. Tracy creates fictional theories and encourages students to give more credence to conjecture and speculation than hard-core fact. I was horrified to learn that Tracy does not merely theorize but actually inserts himself into these modern tragedies and torments the victims.

In a recent article appearing in the Sun-Sentinel, Veronique and Lenny Pozner—parents of Sandy Hook child victim Noah—gave a heartfelt account of how Tracy contacted them demanding proof that they were the boy’s parents. Then I learn that Tracy has been part of a campaign to gang stalk a little girl whom they believe to be part of their Sandy Hook hoax conspiracy. Why is FAU co-signing this behavior and why should we as students and staff allow our reputations to be jeopardized because of the disgraceful actions of one incompetent professor? There is only one course of action to repair this situation. Fire James Tracy and never allow him to teach in the halls of higher learning.

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