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Floors Touch

Country United States
State Texas
City McKinney
Address 2045 N Central Expy #790
Phone 1 214-326-0100

Floors Touch Reviews

  • Sep 11, 2021

This review is for hardworking, honest people in the economy right now. Stay away from this scam artist, he has no integrity, it's all about money! Overcharged for items already included in the original price and charged for items not used.

Sent a worker to our house at 10:40 in the morning. No work was done. He did not have any tools because he had to wait for other workers to show up. No re-measurements were done, no supplies were brought in; at 4:30 pm the head worker came in and started the work. They left unfinished at 8:10 pm because they ran out of supplies. When Mr. Ibrahim was confronted about this, he turned the blame on us for giving the wrong measurements, even though he originally said that his guys would double-check the measurements (which never happened).

We had to wait 2 more days to get the work finished and the work still was not completed 2 days later because the transition pieces that were agreed upon in the original agreement were not supplied. We called the company and he told us he will send it in the next day. We negotiated a price for the work and pain half upfront and were to pay the other half at the end. When it was time to pay the balance, he charged additional figures for bogus items that were never used and blamed us for not having the right measurements, he even said that he was willing to waive the extra charges but because we gave him a bad review on Yelp, he added these charges. Items that were never included.

We reviewed our video cameras inside and outside our home and these items were never brought in. When we confronted him on this he tried to intimidate us and tell us he will bring legal charges against us because of our review. He then called us back several times and asked us to come back to his store for cash. When I asked him to put it in writing he declined. I told him that he was not trustworthy and will never re-enter his store.

He then reminded us about a 2-year warranty on the product, which will not be honored because this company is not to be trusted.

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