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FLO Grills

Country United States
State Texas
Address 13359 HWY 183 NORTH STE 401
Phone 512-258-4356

FLO Grills Reviews

  • Jun 16, 2017

Chris Smith owner of several different shell companies has taken thousands of dollars up front with the promise to complete a premium outdoor kitchen. He brags of his history working as a law enforcement officer in Baton Rouge, LA for the Sheriffs Department. I belive he uses this resume to lure un-knowing customers into paying him up front as "Construction Draws".

He then many times partially completes the work or doesnt complete it at all. Then doesnt pay his sub-contractors either. For some reason there is always a reason for a delay. Also, once project begins the price always seems to increase again and again.

I feel sorry for anyone that doesnt know any better and hires this guy. I also feel sorry for the hard working sub-contractors that he continues to abuse and not pay for they labor and services.

He also claims to have vast experiance working in the banking business for countrywide/bank of america. If you will remember many people went to prison for mortgage fraud that worked for these guys. I should have known better but now he has disappeared and has thousands of dollars of my money.

Hopefully the Travis County Sherrifs Department will arrest this guy soon.

I just want my money back for work he didnt complete. Not asking for un-reasonable request.

My fear is that he has not only done this to me but has done it to many others and continues to take money up front and I am supporting his lifestyle which I didnt sign up for.

If you are looking for an outdoor kitchen please do yourself a favor and do not have anything to do with Flo Grills or anyone associated with them.

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