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Flip 2 Dao

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Totowa
Address 811 Totowa Rd.

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  • Jun 21, 2022

Ensure you completely understand the underlying details of your investment (informed or uninformed), the business plan, payout timeline and the tax liabilities for received income and vested monies. Review website accreditation and security validity. Review the SEC Accreditation/Compliance both online/offline. Review Very High Risk opportunity.

Review Monies could be perceived as gifts, payment for services or membership for content. Review & Understand your 1099-MISC/NEC for paid subscriptions and services with your tax professional. 10k Filings, registration across state line for fed/wire activity compliance, stipulations and profiles should be reviewed before investment.

Review call center, contacts, and customer service availability if issues arise. Review Management Creditials, Investment Creditials in Fractional/Full Investments and what that means to you. Review/Set/Understand expectations from Schemes to Long Term Strategy. What works for you?


FLIP2DAO uses:

Regulation A,

Regulation A of the Securities Act of 1933 (aka Reg A) exempts small offerings of securities from the regular SEC registration if these conditions are met:

The public offering is not for more than $5,000,000 within a 12-month period.

The offering statement, a simplified disclosure document, must be filed with a Regional Office of the SEC at least 10 days before the issue is offered for sale.

The offering circular, which, like the prospectus, provides full disclosure, must be sent to each buyer of the issue at least 48 hours before the confirmation of the sale.

The offering circular must be revised if the issue is still being offered 9 months after the initial issue, and the issuer must file a sales report of the issue with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) every 6 months until the offer is terminated.


Regulation D,

Rule 501: Definition of an Accredited Investor

Securities are exempt if sold to accredited investors, individuals or institutions with a lot of money and the financial wherewithal to invest in risky unregistered securities. Accredited investors include:

corporations, partnerships, or other organizations:

financial institutions; with more than $5,000,000 of assets:

corporations and partnerships, not formed expressly for this investment; non-profit organizations; any entity owned entirely by accredited investors; individuals or married couples corporate or partnership insiders; with assets worth more than $1,000,000; or individuals who earned at least $200,000, or $300,000 for a married couple, in the last 2 years, and expect to make at least the same amount in the current year.

Although the SEC does not require that a disclosure document be offered to accredited investors, the issuer will usually provide a Private Offering Memorandum instead. After all, even accredited investors want to know some details about what they are investing in.

A nonaccredited investor, who the law presumes does not have sufficient knowledge of financial matters to evaluate the risks and merits of a private placement, must have a purchaser representative who does have the necessary expertise to evaluate any private placement that a nonaccredited investor is considering. A purchaser representative may not be affiliated with the issuer unless he is related to the investor.


Rule 506 — Investment Sophistication

The dollar limitation of Rule 505 can be waived if the non-accredited investors are sophisticated investors who have had prior experience with a Reg D offering, or they are represented by a purchaser representative who has, such as an investment adviser, accountant, or attorney.


Reg Crowdfunding,

Regulation Crowdfunding enables eligible companies to offer and sell securities through crowdfunding. The rules: require all transactions under Regulation Crowdfunding to take place online through an SEC-registered intermediary, either a broker-dealer or a funding portal


Private Placement (for certain accredited investors only),

Private placement (or non-public offering) is a funding round of securities which are sold not through a public offering, but rather through a private offering, mostly to a small number of chosen investors. Generally, these investors include friends and family, accredited investors, and institutional investors.

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