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First Design Crew

Country United States
State Colorado
City Morrison
Phone 866-937-1305

First Design Crew Reviews

  • Jun 15, 2022

Beware of this scamming company! they will rip you off!

We signed up with this company because our website crashed and we were told it was because a problem with the theme. We contacted the company that originally built our website to fix it. they said they would fix it for $500 but everytime it crashed we would have to pay another $500. They said better to sign up for their lifetime hosting and maintenance. We signed up for that and also updating our website with a more modern version. They took the godaddy credentials we sent them to move the hosting and they stole our domain name and transferred it into their name without our knowledge. Then they called and said if we don't buy the domain name for $2000 then they would sell it at auction. then our website crashed and they said if we don't pay $3000 for increased bandwidth they will take our website down. Then the site crashed again and they said if we don't pay $4000 they will take our site down. They they call saying they are taking our website down if we don't pay an additional $2750 to re-register our site that we have owned for 17 years. Then they change the user name and password to our wordpress site so we can't get in to update content, work on SEO, update pictures, nothing. They blocked us out. They said though they are happy to get us the login info for another $3000. Then one of their guys called saying we need to make our site ADA compliant or we will get sued. Another $3500. You might ask why did we keep paying them. Well, every day our site is down we lose $2000-5000 so we lose much more that way. We have spoken with the supposed owner, Oscar, and he is just the same as his employees. threatening if we don't pay the site will be taken down. Please join our class action lawsuit and email us at admin AT

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