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Firestone Tire & Firestone

Country United States
State Ohio
City Akron
Address 1200 Firestone Parkway
Phone 716-837-9700

Firestone Tire & Firestone Reviews

  • Sep 19, 2022

On 7/25/22 I took my car for inspection and parking brake adjustment. Vehicle did not pass inspection so I paid the bill $184.oo + tax $13.04 ,total $197.04. As soon as I left the shop I tested my parking brakes and they did not hold.

I reclaimed my money back for just the adjustment. The did not want to reimburs my money. In the internet I found that an adjustment for my car is max $39.00. Plus adjustment is through the center pedestal not through the wheel like they said.

  • Nov 12, 2016

I purchased (4) new Firestone tires during a 2015 Firestone Summer Promotion whereby Firestone would send me a Firestone Prepaid Visa reward card after I mailed in the receipt proving the tire purchase and installation from a local tire dealer. I mailed the required paperwork to Firestone on June 19, 2015. The promotion terms stated that the card would arrive in 10-to-12 weeks, and it would be valid for up to 6 months (the date six months after June 19, 2015 was Dec 19, 2015). The card did arrive in the mail, and it showed an expiration date of January 2016. I do not recall the date that the card arrived.

I activated the card as instructed, upon receipt. When I attempted to use the card (which should have carried a value of $70) while holiday shopping in December 2015, I discovered that the card had zero monetary value.

I made several phone calls to the "Firestone Rewards Administration" contact number listed on the promotional pamphlet. I was eventually informed that the third-party company who administered the 2015 Summer Promotion was no longer handling that duty, and was given another phone number (800-903-9838) to contact a different third-party company who was "handling the reward-card promotional issues from 2015". I repeated my story about the "zero-dollar reward card" to multiple customer service reps, all of whom promised to follow up. None did.

I started keeping track of my calls to (800-903-9838) after many fruitless attempts to get a new card issued to me.

- Aug 12, 2016: I spoke with a customer service rep named "Sona Richardson", who told me to "wait a couple of weeks"

- Sep 01, 2016: I spoke with a customer service rep named "Brittany Keizler", who told me to call back in a couple of weeks.

- Sep 15, 2016: I was told that I would be called back by a "representative" within 48 hours, and that I would also receive an email. Neither of those two things happened.

- Nov 11, 2016: I called today and was told that a replacement card had been mailed to my home address shortly after the September 15th phone call. (I did not receive that card). The service representative told me to call the "lost card" number (877-227-0956). That phone number was answered by "Mark", employee ID # 00725. He told me that, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the promotion, I was not going to get a replacement card, and offered his condolences.

I believe the 2015 Firestone Summer Promotion was poorly administered, if not an outright marketing scam. They did mail me a Firestone Visa reward card, but most recipients of a reward card expect it to have some monetary value. Mine is now in the glove compartment of my truck, used as a make-shift frost scraper for the windshield. I'm very disgusted with Firestone, and will never do business with that company again. I will also recommend that my friends and acquaintances avoid doing business with Firestone as well.

  • Oct 19, 2016

I went in for a squeaking noise that was not my brakes, it was a noise that would make when you would turn to the right or hit bumps. The guy who rode with me agreed that it was a squeaking noise when you turn to the right and told me I needed new rotors and new brakes. I had just previously 4 weeks prior had my brakes done. They went ahead and did the brakes and rotors and a tune-up and it cost me $408. When I went to get my vehicle they told me they had not test drove it yet. After they test drove it, I see them under the car with a hammer. He comes up to me and tells me that there's also a lose bolt that is stripped out and it would be 7 to 8 hours worth of work and to fix the bolt would cost about $700 bc everything had to be taken apart. I told him that must have been the noise that I heard since I had just recently had my brakes done. He then proceeded to tell me that he heard two squeaking noises, although he did not mention that at the time of test drive the first time, when I went with him. He then comes back an hour later to tell me that everything was done, he did not cut any corners and fixed me up free of charge. I am real curious how 7 to 8 hour job was done in an hour. I feel like that I was hustled and taken advantage of. After I was upset and said I couldn't afford it and was going on an 18hr trip back to Texas, all of a sudden he could do it for free and took about an hour to fix? I mean, what's really going on? Was my breaks really fine but he wanted more money out of me? Was he screwing something else up when he was under it with a hammer, trying to hustle me? I originally thought they were helping me out until I spoke to others about what happened and was informed they did me wrong and that my rotors was not even changed. I have now had 2 professionals and my gf dad all agree that the rotors were never even changed! I was hustled out of money afour work that didn't even need to be done nor was it even done.

  • May 7, 2016

A recent appointment for service on a 2007 Honda Civic wherein Firestone replaced our spark plugs, air filter and also put air in the tires ($12). What got me was the $34.99 for the spark plugs that retail online from NGK for less than $12. The most I can spend for them locally seems to be $14.99 from Autozone. Had a chat with the manager and he stated that they pay more than retail for their parts (Really!). So it was just over $210 plus tax for just the plugs installed, do I rang the next closest Firestone store and their quote was $155 tax included.

  • Apr 1, 2016

Successful result from Firestone

My car was damaged while in a Firestone repair shop. Jim Flint from corporate took over and was extremely helpful and fair throughout the whole process of making me "whole" again (repairing our car, etc). I was anticipating a real fight but was pleasantly surprised when it was all dealt with honorably and competently.

  • Oct 26, 2015

Firestone denied damages that was made to my vehicle while being work on at a Firestone Facility. And also Claims that im responsible for a service that was not fulfilled and that im clearly not satisfied with.. Firestone suggested repairs in January of 2015 that would allow for them to Align my vehicle. Yet my vehicle to this day had not been properly aligned after 3 attempts, and by two separate Firestone Locations.

Heres the undeniable points of the situation ( This is leaving out the damage Firestone service center did to my vehicle that was outside of the work i authorized.).....

I went into Firestone for a wheel alignment and inspection, they checked my vehicle and found that in order to do a wheel alignment I would need to replace both ball-joints and one tie rod. I approved the work so i could get the car inspected and aligned..

After the work was complete I left and returned telling them that my wheel was almost 25 degrees off center, They then told me that in order to get it aligned correctly i would need to replace the other (second) Tie rod.

At that point i was pressured into approving the the work for the second tie rod, so they could correct the alignment.

After the second alignment I returned to Firestone and explained that car was running rough and that the alignment was still not centered and that the vehicle was still pulling to one side.

I then contacted the claims department and the regional manager directed me to take the vehicle to the Firestone service center that was located down the street to have them see if they could find out why the alignment was not working out.

I took the vehicle to the 2nd Firestone service center and they also incorrectly Aligned my vehicle for the 3rd time.

Firestone Also Damaged the coolant system and other parts of my vehicle that had nothing to do with the work that had been authorized (including the second location lifting my vehicle incorrectly).

So Firestone simply installed the Ball joints and tied rods in-correctly, therefor not allowing them to Align my vehicle, And this happens after Three attempts, and between three separate locations. I was never told that my vehicle had any other issue that was causing Firestone to be unable to Align the vehicle correctly.

I was also instructed by Jim Flint of firestone, to take my vehicle to the Land Rover repair center to have Firestones work inspected.. Firestone then refused to authorize the Land Rover Dealer to do a thorough diagnostics or even a basic inspection..

I have been faithfully paying on my Firestone Credit Card bill, thinking that the situation would be corrected by firestone, The issue started back in March of 2015, yet i just received a letter stating there decision on 10/24/2015.

I was originally offered a refund for the alignment, but not for the repairs that was suppose to lead to Firestone being able to align my vehicle properly.

To this day my vehicle has not been aligned, and any work that was suggested by Firestone to be done to complete the alignment and inspection has simply been a waist of time and money.

In Conclusion: Firestone is denying its responsibilities to be in accordance with the NYS Service and Repair Shop regulations, in addition to the NYS DFS rules

At Minimal, It is Not our fault that Firestone's Service Center was unable to align our vehicle, even after we replaced ALL the parts that they suggested and claimed that was necessary to complete the job.

My Vehicle is in much worst shape than it was in when it arrived at Firestone. But sense firestone acts as its own insurance company they clearly believe they are outside of the law other financial institutions.

On Top of everything listed above, Firestone has also been Over Charging me in interest , And doubling up minimum payment amounts during billing. I will be including copies of my statements.

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