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Firestone Complete Auto Care

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Jersey City
Address 70 State Hwy 76
Phone 1-800-367-3872

Firestone Complete Auto Care Reviews

  • Jun 15, 2022

What ever you do, DON'T TAKE YOUR CAR TO FIRESTONE AT HAMILTON PLACE MALL. Took my wife's van because her air wasn't working $9.95 check up. Can you say bait and switch. OK Ms. Cooke we can get it fixed $605 dollars. What can you do when your car is your office and it's 95 Degrees with a 105 heat index. Got it half fixed only blowing out the passenger side. $100 more to diagnose. It was blowing out both side when you got it. 2 days later NO A/C took it back now it's a line $500 dollars and we'll fix it. There wasn't a hole in the line when you got it. Why 500 more? Oh says the kid behind the desk, it's a different problem. No the f'ing problem is I paid you $600 dollars night before last and the d**n air still isn't fixed. So now I'm out $600 and s

  • Feb 7, 2022

Store#353335 urbandale iowa, brought 2 tires for mounting-SO SIMPLE, monkeys couldnt put Jeep on lift" vehicle TOO SHORT" what crap! finally got wheels off and REMOVED HUBS PRIOR TO TIRE CHANGE had 3 full sets of tires on this since 1998 NEVER REMOVED HUBS LOKTITE used at factory to install hubs.

Less than one mile from shop first hub fell off-found broken in road-second hub broken off by tire monkey" see! broken" he says to me, These techs are wayyy too incompetent supprised they dress themselves.

Hubs are mounted to wheel FROM THE REAR so maust be OFF the Jeep to be repaired. Buy me 2 refurbished hubs at 75$ a piece and ill install them.

  • Dec 2, 2021

Work described by onboard computer was not done. I had repairs done at another shop instead. Never contacted by regional manager as I was promised.

  • Nov 23, 2021

FIRESTONE is charging me to much just to repair my front breaks. They had to replace my Rotors, Calibers, and Break pads of a 2008 Suzuki XL7 luxury. The cost they are charging me is $1,255.95.

I had a inspection done before I checked in with Firestone at Mavis Tire and they said they only charge me $800.00 to fixed my breaks all around my 2008 Suzuki XL7 luxury so the price for my 2008 Suzuki XL7 luxury should have been only $600.00.

  • Nov 8, 2021

FIRESTONE is charging me to much just to repair my front breaks. They had to replace my Rotors, Calibers, and Break pads of a 2008 Suzuki XL7 luxury. The cost they are charging me is $1,255.95.

I had a inspection done before I checked in with Firestone at Mavis Tire and they said they only charge me $800.00 to fixed my breaks all around my 2008 Suzuki XL7 luxury so the price for my 2008 Suzuki XL7 luxury should have been only $600.00.

  • Sep 28, 2021

Sent emails no reply I need to send cert. letter to top exec.

President, Chief Executive Officer

200 4th Avenue S. Nashville, TN 37201

P: 615-937-1000 F: 615-937-3621

{1}. While driving on a rainy night along a highway with no street lights the sound of a LOUD EXPLOSION occurs, the car is suddenly bouncing and swerving out of control from one lane to another. What just happened? A tire blowout transpired from the excessive strain of a tire’s internal structure. Specifically a NAIL that the staff members of Firestone Complete Auto Care® KNOWINGLY AND FRAUDULENTLY left in a brand new tire for more than a month. A brief description of the facts leading up to this potential risk is described herein below.

{2}. Several months ago I paid approximately $300.00-$400.00 for 2 tires, a Road Hazard Protection Warranty Plan and a 90 DAY BUY & TRY GUARANTEE that specifically says: “Here at Firestone we have your back with our industry leading 90-Day Buy & Try Guarantee. Get out there and hit the trails for 90 days. If you don’t love ‘em, we’ll refund or replace – NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


2. arranty_manual_us_en.pdf


{3}. After Firestone installed my tires I heard a constant squeaking noise. I then returned to the Firestone store at 10735 Little Patuxent Pkwy, Columbia, MD 21044, because it was raining heavily that day no one could hear the noise and I agreed to return after the rain had stopped and the ground was dry. After returning I got no service.

  • Jun 21, 2021

I was working temporarily in Springfield, MA in Sept. 2019 when the brake warning light came on. I added brake fluid but it soon came back on, so I went to the Firestone shop to have it checked. I was shocked later when they recommended over $2,000 of repairs, but I only wanted the brake fluid leak addressed. They replaced rear rotors, calipers and brake hoses on both sides. In total I paid $1,068.18. But they recommended the front brakes also be addressed, so three months later I took it to another shop in my town and was told the brakes were fine.

I reviewed my records and found the receipt showing that I had paid another mechanic $429.58 on Sept. 4, 2019 to replace the rear rotors and pads, so how could they possibly require new rotors just three weeks later at the Firestone shop? They later claimed that they made a mistake, it should have read that they removed and "cleaned" the rotors!! How ridiculous is that? The previous shop had also said that the calipers were fine, so I'm sure that Firestone is engaging in fraud. I would never go to any Firestone facility in the future, they are not to be trusted.

  • Jun 3, 2021

Ill try to make this as short as possible. Ive been a customer with a firestone credit card for over 10yrs. Going from Florida to Virginia beach to Syracuse ny. Once in Virginia beach they told me something had to be replaced and when i came down to look at it i realized it was totally fine and i talked to the manager and told him i would leave as a customer if they didnt compensate me for past services as now i didnt know what really needed to be done or they were just selling me services i did not he did so by having firestone send me a check for a percent of my past forward to this week in dewitt.

I purchased aftermarket rims and lugs online and asked the dewitt store if i can buy tires from them and install them on my car with new rims.....they said sure. And the total cost includes tires. Mount balance road hazard and the air sensors for airpresure.....the sensers were quoted at 80 a piece and my cost would be 320 for i called silver city tire in onieda ny and asked for the same quote....they gave me the price with sensors being 54 a piece but then he asked why i was replacing my sensors. And i said i thought i had to because of firestones quote.....they said absolutely not after 2016 they started making the sensors so they could be moved to a different again the firestone store is selling me what i dont the tune of 320.00. In todays world with covid and employment issuses its really sad that a company is swindling customers this way. We arent talking about 20 or 40 bucks 320 is half of a weeks pay.......i mean what the hell??

So needles to say firestone has lost me as a customer and anyone i can convince not to go there. As well i cut up my credit card......i am aslo considering talking to lawyer about this because if it happened to me twice im sure it has happened to many many other people as well. Maybe a class action lawsuit is needed?

Robert a kellar 2018 buick regal sportback. 2016 buick encore and 2011 buick lacrosse

315 748 6919

  • Dec 9, 2020

Long story short, in the term of less than a month my vehicle was taken there, and dropped off four times. Twenty four hours, everytime of the four times it was pucked up, less than 24 hours it had me broke down and stranded for hours. Paid 1600 dollars and thats what i was really basically guaranteed

  • Oct 25, 2020

Dropped off car on 10/26/20 in the morning for tire rotation , Complete Vehicle inspection , oil change , and courtesy check. Firestone received my car with 3 of the tire pressure monitoring system sensors working showing the PSI in 3 of the tires. After tire rotation , oil change , complete vehicle inspection and courtesy check only 2 of the sensors on the Tire pressure monitoring system where working now. I want to be fair and firestone needs to fix anything they break on my car.

I have made repeated attempts to have this issue resolved at Firestone and nothing is being done. Basically I am being told I have to pay for what they broke. Firestone should repair items they damage or break on my car. Firestone received my car with 3 working functioning TPMS sensors and it should have been returned in the same condition with 3 working tpms sensors. Now I only have 2 working TPMS sensors. Firestone needs to be accountable for what they damage or break nothing more nothing less.

  • Jul 6, 2020

I am writing this on behalf of my mother who is elderly & doesn't have a computer. She drove into Firestone 4060 Bee Ridge Rd, Sarasota, FL 34233 on 02/01/20 with a 2004 Kia Optima "running a little rough". She was told it would cost about $200, She was waiting for the car & was told they needed more time. They took her home.

They continued to put her off & 3 to 4 days later Firestone called her & told her the engine had blown & it was not drive-able. Firestone gave her a rental car for 3 days to look for & buy another used car. They also "forgave" her the $1400 bill that would have been if they hadn't blown her engine. I want to get the word out that Firestone admitted they "did something wrong" & will not review the "recorded tapes" admitting that.

They also are not willing to give her anything for a destroyed car or fix the car. The car has been sitting dead at the Firestone lot since February 1st, 2020. I have gone all the way up to the CEO sending a certified letter. Of course I'm sure Mr. Ferrari didn't look at it but it was assigned to Diamond Milan. After 4 months of poor customer service, delays & no empathy whatsoever on Firestones part Mr. Milan writes: After review, our decision does remain the same. We are not in the position to provide assistance towards the repairs for the vehicle.

This decision was based off the documents you provided, the invoice from Firestone Complete Auto Care, and the inspection report from Vanguard. I say: How do you go into a repair shop with a car that is running rough & has 61K miles & then the engine is blown? How do you say it is my Mom's fault? Firestone made it HER problem not theirs. BUYER BEWARE. Firestone is not honest.

  • Feb 20, 2020

I scheduled an appointment online for the lifetime alignment package ($199). During the online process, I entered all the important information about myself, my vehicle- including make, year, and model, and the location of the shop I would have the service completed at.

When I arrived for my appointment, the intake worker at the counter refused to honor my online quote price. His reason was that there is an additional charge for "exotic" vehicles. I wasn't aware that my Volkswagen was considered "exotic." I showed him my online quote which clearly lists the make, model, and year as well as the service location. He shrugged his shoulders, offered no explanation why he couldn't honor the price quote I received online from firestone, and told me the price for a single alignment plus tire rotation ($20 value) is $188!

I refused to be "ripped off" and told the worker that he was being dishonest and committing advertising fraud. I left the shop without getting my car serviced. I will happily find a more honest automotive repair shop.

  • Sep 18, 2019

In July, I took my car in for an oil change and a complete car inspection. After completion, I noticed that they did not check my brakes upon inspecting the paperwork. The manager stated that I should wait until my next oil change. August 17, my brakes were squeaking and found that my brakes were .98. I needed brakes and this could have been prevented. They were negligent.

  • Aug 4, 2019

When i arrived for my appt, when i told them what i wanted, and what i had been told what it would cost, that two individuals told me it was 19.99. first, Jessie, and the following wk, checked again, to make sure i had the right price, since i live on social security only, there would have been NO WAY that i could have afforded much more! so, Rick, the mgr, which i did not know was the mgr, but the 2nd wk, and that day, asked again, how much is it?

first price, 19.99, then after i said i had to have compressor kit put on elsewhere, and just needed vacuum and fill, the price quoted now was 69.99 or something. i do KNOW i was NOT TOLD 203.00, which after 5 hrs, it was finished. the first time it was done, but claimed there was a leak, i told them i just had all those parts all replaced, it can't be leaking! but, they said yes, it was an additional 38.99 for the part! at this point i am livid, because now they have to remove all the new freon, fix the leak, and then refill it.

the mgr said i DID NOT get charged 2x for freon, but i sure was IF after 2x of filling it; now, its up to 193.00!! the truck gave them problems starting, which they diagnosed now i needed a new starter. quoted 450.99!!! i said, NO WAY! I ALREADY HAVE SPENT MY RENT MONEY!! The mgr, Rick, could tell i was getting madder and madder, and he kept apologizing right and left, but didn't offer to reduce the prices any, even after i showed him in my phone, WHO WERE THE TWO WHO QUOTED ME 19.99, of which he was one, but denied telling me he would have told me that!! oh yea, like i make this stuff up, i am 70 yrs old, don't need to lie!!

  • Jul 28, 2019

These people are the MOST DISHONEST, ARROGANT and Rude I have ever met. My aunt who is a Sister of Christian Faith and is over 80 years old was towed to these thieves by a crooked Tow Truck Driver. All she had was a dead battery.

They charged her $750 for a new Ignition switch which they did not do. A Toyota Dealer verified they never did anything. The Owners of this Franchise should be in jail. STAY AWAY from any Firestone repair shop.

  • Jul 10, 2019

On May 8th, I went to Firestone auto care in Las Vegas, NV, 1955 Rock Springs Drive, to replace brakes. The mechanics also checked the tires and recommended that I replace the right front tire. I came back on 06/12/19 to replace the tire and asked them to inspect the left front tire as well. They confirmed again that the tire is fine and needs no replacing. On May 12th, I was driving on 215 West in Las Vegas Nevada, when the tire, which the Firestone mechanics refused to replace, blew away and shredded the front of my car. Because of the very fortunate circumstances, and because I was driving in the right lane, I was able to stop safely without hitting other vehicles. I have filed a claim through my insurance company and also at Firestone Complete Auto Care (auto care indeed!). My insurance informed me that due to extensive damage to my vehicle caused by the tire, the car would be totaled.

When speaking to the assigned Firestone claim adviser Roberto Lamanna, #615.937.9149, [email protected], Roberto was quite rude, dismissive, refused to take an effort to understand the problem, and tried to tell me that I need to contact the company that manufactured the tire. When I told him that my complain is about their technicians refusing to replace the compromised tire and making me falsely believe that my tire is safe, he became irritated and refused to contact my insurance company, stating that it is against the Firestone policy and therefore he is not able to do it. When I firmly insisted, he agreed to call my insurance company and send a representative to inspect the tire. I will never know if that is what happened because I have not received any updates. Two weeks later, I have requested an update. I received an email from Robert stating that no tire inspection was requested by me at the Firestones (I have both receipts from the Firestone on my phone application), and that their actions did not cause my accident. These blatant lies were sent to me in an email on 07/10/2019. When speaking to my friends and co-workers, I was informed that the Firestone Complete Auto care is indeed a company that cannot be trusted, it’s mechanics are severely underpaid, they are not certified even though they claim they are, and all my friends and colleagues were even surprised that I have gone to Firestone to receive service. Not only will I not go to Firestone or Bridgestone to service my car, I will make sure that everyone knows that their lives might depend on finding a better mechanics than Firestone or Bridgestone.

  • Mar 27, 2019

2004 Nissan exterra taken to Firestone for brake rotors and pads. On their own initiative, they performed $1500 of uneeded repairs and even charged us for new parts and labor that was not done. Firestone never called us to discuss costs or authorize repairs as was agreed. Example: Firestone replaced the factory calipers (that did not need replacing) with refurbished ones costing $350 each.

Firestone charged us for parts & labor $250 for replacing a power steering hose. This work was never done. They performed a brake job and then charged $80 to bleed the brakes. My car niave wife was the one dealing with them. She expected to be called after Firestone had evaluated the Xterra and discuss (approve) repairs with service manager. No calls came. She asked Firestone to keep the old parts and Firestone represented they were thrown away.

If one of these items had occurred it may be viewed differently.......however, the flagrancy and number of dishonest transactions point to a business culture at Firestone oriented towards overcharging, charging for unneeded repairs, charging for work/parts never done and the cover-up of these behaviors.

We are taking steps to resolve this with Firestone and have experienced only a defensive denial.

The purpose of this report is to prevent other hard-working people from being scammed by Firestone. Do yourself a favor and avoid these knuckleheads.

  • Jun 30, 2018

It was a coolant system replacement repair and now it's the same problem a week later and they're out of town my daughter stranded with four kids and can't get anybody at the location that repaired it the fix or help us so I have contacted corporate filed complaints everything one of the worst businesses I've ever dealt with in my life

  • May 26, 2018

I took my car to Firestone to replace two tires and get an oil change. Normally they have reasonable prices so I wasn't worried about being taken advantage of. I explained what I wanted, and the service clerk told me it would be about 260.00 for new tires ,and about 45.00 for an oil change. So I estimated it would be about $360.00 total. I sat and waited for about an hour before they pulled my car around to the service entrance. As I was waiting another service technician walked up and told me I needed a coolant flush, front shocks and struts, and new brake pads. I told him that I would wait on that stuff. He insisted that if I didn't get brakes now that they might cause a problem soon.

He also insisted that I needed to get shocks and struts. By the time they finished working on my car three hours had passed. When they told me that they were finished, I signed the document explaining what they had done, but was confused as to why they were charging me so much. They explained it to me, and I told them that I did not want all of the extra stuff on that car. A supervisor named Randy told me that no extras was added, and that was just a standard price. When I looked at the customer invoice, I noticed that I was charged for several extras extrasinvluding fees and a donation to charity. I had already signed the invoice, so it was too late to complain further. So I decided to come here and make a report.

  • Mar 19, 2018

In late 2017 had timing belt water pump thermostat and coolant service done routine maintenance 145k miles before 800 mile trip to see family almost 900 for services got car back within 2 hours car was overheating and shut off when stopping never had a problem with car before got it started drove back to shop with it dropped it off was told air pocket in system picked car back up 2 days later shut off again and would get over halfway on temp took it back and asked them to check timing if there guy messed up was told he was off for 3 days.

left car picked up end of a week later was told they drove it and found nothing wrong with it just needed coolent topped off left for trip to va got almost to destination non stop driving 1 tank of gas pulled in to use rest area car shut off was at half temp used rest area restarted car drove last 30 minutes to destination car was running 3/4 hot let car cool down topped off coolant went to dinner with family 20 minut ride shut off pulling in parking lot hard to start like dead battery got it to start got to dinner with family then returned to original destination.

stayed over night checked fluids before return trip home got half way back car overheating again pulled off road to service station used water to cool engine down and refill radiator with car running was pegged as hot as it could be got home next morning took car back to shop told them what happened and to fix it got it back said just needed to bleed system drove day or so car shut off again and was over heating tried to start to get off highway slow crank then starter stopped working.

had it towed back to shop 200 for that bill they charged me for new starter almost 500 more dollars returned car to me once again said must be air in system drove on another trip to Massachusetts ran good for weekend on return trip home overheated once again returned to shop they then called me and told me blown head gasket and that they would not work on it anymore took car home parked it till I could sabe up money for engine as I was told it would need called corporate after grind told me that it was most likely there fault.

it needed engine finally after about a month Mr Jones agreed to have car towed to independent shop for him to send a inspector out to look over car and see if it was there fault got email they where not going to cover engine as the shop was not cooperative called shop owner he said the inspector wanted to have them show cause and I would need to pay for diagnostic time 500 I was under the understanding that's what the inspector was there to do diagnostic the car after 10 days Mr Jones returns my calls after contacting his manager tells me they won't pay for any other diagnostic of car so I authorized shop to install new engine and that the pump and thermostat and belt was new to put them on new used engine 5k of work later get call car is overheating and they want to replace radiator.

I liked it another 500 and they did another thermostat as well get a call car is done but still getting hot possible heater cores as there is no heat in car front and rear heat poked to have them done another 600 then once again get call van done but still no heat said that it must be water pump so I said I'll take it back to firestone it's only 6 months old and 5k miles on it call John at firestone tell him I've been told the water pump is bad that was installed 6months ago offered to pay diagnostic charges if needed he said we will not work on your car ever again so I take it to another shop have them do water pump and guess what the car runs great no overheating was a faulty water pump all this time so now I start the process of N.Y. attorney General and a law suit for all the damages to my car and all the cost to get it fixed almost 10k now for a car that was only worth 4k at best. I will not give up till they pay me back every penny and now derrest for my family being without a car for almost 6 months now

  • Dec 20, 2017

On 12-2-2017 I brought my 2009 Nissan versa to be checked out because the exhaust seemed a tad bit loud. It seemed weird since I had a whole new exhaust put on in 2015. I also needed a standard oil change. I dropped it off and they called me back stating I needed struts, an alignment, and recommended a coolant fluid exchange . I barely had enough funds to pay for exhaust and oil change. I said ok to do exhaust and struts but declined the oil change and so we hung up. He called me back stating they will do oil change for a store promotion. I said ok. A couple minutes later he called back stating I needed an alignment now. I was furious. In a nutshell this place charged me 2,355.00 dollars .

My car only has 60, 681 miles!! It gets better now. My friend gave me a ride to pick my car up after practically depleting my savings account and using my firestone remaining funds to pay for this . On 12-4-2017 I started my car to go to work the entire exhaust was vibrating and my speedometer was not working anymore! I drove to work then left work at 10:00a.m. to go back to firestone and spent two hours there waiting to see what they did. Apparently they said the gaskets were put on the wrong way. They said maybe they rushed the job and messed up.

Ok so they supposedly fixed the problem. They didn't understand the speedometer problem. So I had to get back to work. But the vibrating and loud noise continued. I went back on 12-9-2017 to check exhaust and speedometer again! In the snow mind you. Today 12-19-2017 my check engine light has come on and will not shut off and exhaust is still vibrating. I definetly got ripped off. I work long hours and I want this problem resolved and/or some kind of a refund. All I wanted was an oil change and fix the exhaust! They did something because my car was running fine except for the exhaust noise. Please help. Thank You

  • Dec 6, 2017

I have been repeating customer with Firestone since 2015 when I moved to this area. But after this incident, I decice I will not going to use them anymore.

The sensor of one of my tires was not working. Instead of replacing the sensor, the shop replaced the entire tire for me. I signed the payment without looking into details as the guy handed me the receipt because I felt I could trust them as I have used them for all these years. The guy seemed busy and he did not explain the charge for me. Well, they never explain the receipt in my experience. But I feel I could trust them after all these years. But inside, I felt a little uncomfortable because this time the number is off. I had similar issue before with a German car.

I had it repaired with them, I believe. It was much cheaper. After I went back home, not only I discovered they replaced both the tire and the sensor, when the only thing really needed was to replace the sensor, but also they I ended up paying for the warranty for the tire. In early 2015, or 2016, they tried to sell me that same warranty. I said "NO". Well, they time, I was made paying for it. There are some other minor services, like the windshield, and other things. I was made to have them replaced.

I feel stupid. Why did I replace the entire tire when only the sensor was wrong? It is like replacing your entire arm and hand when your finger nail is wrong. Why I would want to change one tire while I would save on labor by changing 4? And why I would want to change one tire when every tire has been replaced not long ago? Why I ended up paying for the stupid warranty while I said big "NO" years back?

Well, I feel they are really running some business, rip-people-off business. Well, for my wallet sake, I feel, I would stay away from them. What do you say?

  • Nov 7, 2017

I brought my van into store number #025747 on 10.08.2017 @ 10:55 am, I told Elizabeth who is the Store Manager, that when I accelerate my vehicle from a light, it appears as though something is locked up in the rear, like it is dragging or caught on something (brakes locked up), it eventually flows into a normal operation a few seconds later, it is currently intermittent as well. She then says we do not work on vehicles of your age and mileage, I say a 95 voyager with 99k miles? It is then taken into a queue for service.

I had a technician whose name is Timmy, as I was watching him, he said that he took out 3 Quarts Of Transmission Fluid ( from his paperwork) , ( I had 3 new ATF + 4 quarts laying on my passenger side car ) I think that is where his number of three came from, he had a cup / funnel that showed ~ 12 ounces of fluid taken out I knew he took out very little, I then asked Timmy if the fluid was the problem he promptly said NO!. I talked to my dad and told him that the problem as Timmy said was a rear end issue, but yet they would not look into it further, due to age and mileage issues. He also said I have a spark plug with oil on it? I never saw it, he said that according to the paperwork, I am very rusty in the rear end, I have a trailer hitch, that is extremely rusty I will admit it, I have a few piece of rust on the springs, and the rear axle is probably the original one, but this vehicle is also an original Florida Vehicle. I am more concerned about this dragging more than anything else, and Timmy says to me, that the additive that was put in the transmission may have “ Wore out “ Take it to an engine / transmission shop Elizabeth then sent me out the door at no charge.

I then drive my vehicle home and have no proble(m)s as it appeared. I then get about 5 miles from my house and my tramissions starts whining, at about 40 mph. I then go home and call my dad, and tell him about it, he says to me, to raise the driver and passenger side in the rear on the axle’s and spin the tires, driver side spins about three or four full turns, the passenger side spins freely for about a good 30 to 45 seconds, and then stops. I inspect the transmission fill container, and the under carriage of the transmission, it shows the starting of rust forming, but not to the extent that Timmy states, pictures avaliable upon request.

I am now in investigation mode, something did not seem right. I call this store here at talk to Adam, 5105 Florida Ave S, Lakeland, FL 33813. I explain to him what happened and what I saw, and he said, I am not sure why they did that, but it sounds like THEY blew the transmission seal. I then call this store here 2587 S Hwy 27, Clermont, FL 34711 and ask about due to what happened, what do I need to do? I am told take it to the same store, and tell them about it, or take to a transmission shop, get a quote of damage, and submit to claims at Firestone. I then call and talk to Elizabeth who is the shop manager, and I ask her, “When you check in a vehicle do you, check mileage, lic plate, VIN, and year of vehicle? She answers Yes, I than hang up on her. I then take a deeper look into my paperwork and realize that there is no record of my current vehicle being in the shop, but yet they would say by paperwork alone, they saw my car that I junked, which are the blue pictures below. What I am looking for is an answer, as to how a rear brake symptom problem turns into a transmission problem, and now needing a repair. The person who performed the repairs and checked in the car, are at least responsible of neglect, and carelessness. How will firestone, try and rectify this problem. I have spoken to Kevin Edmunds who is the District Manager of this location, I am not confident he is going to take this matter seriously, let alone have it investigated.

As of 11/06/2017 My vehicile has been seen by two people, one thought I needed a brake inspection, and the other person though I was needing an engine inspection. Both individuals were never told of the transmission issue, I drove with the second adjuster, and we all agreed, myself, my dad, the local repair facility that my vehicile needed to be taken to a transmission shop.

Firesone towed my vehicile home on October 27th, with the promise it would be taken back to a transmission facility after having to speak with the claims deptartment manager, he guaranteed it would happen, and we are almost 10 days out, and I have heard anything from Firestone.

Firesone refuses to take responsibility for a problem they caused, I have sent the letter to Gordon Knapp, and his second in command, and no one has reached out to me as to see how to rectify my problem. I keep getting blamed for things that are out of my control.

  • Oct 14, 2017

Sold me tires and no warranty and didnt tell me there was no warranty on them they rip you off and dont go to that store they are only care about money and dont care about a relationship. They lost mine and three other friends business sorry stay away rip you off.

  • Oct 7, 2017

I told their salesperson that I I purchased new tires a few days before and that I still needed to get some elcetrical(unrelated things fixed and I would end up spending over $1000.00. I don't have a problem spending the money but had the salesperson told me that they charge $30.00n to install the battery I would have told him to forget it. I have bought alot of batteries for cars over the last 50 years and called to ask if the $30.00 was for putting the battery in. He told me they always charge $30.00 to put in a battery. I just feel that since I explained that a blowout on the freeway forced me to get tires,(purchased elsewhere) an alignment and electrical work still to be dine that good customer relations would have been to tell me That I could save $30.00 if I wanted to put the battery in myself it would have been a big plus in my opion of their business.

  • Sep 7, 2017

My car wouldn't start on 8/17/2017. I had a friend come over and replace spark plugs, air filter, and O2 sensors. When it wouldn't start again on 8/18, I paid $57 (of money I don't have) for a AAA membership and a tow to Firestone in Peoria. Thomas told me that it needed a new fuel pressure regulator hose and some other work (totaling over $1,000). I gave him the OK for the repair and my fiance paid for it. When I went to pick it up (8/21), it would start. Thomas got it started and claimed that it was the fuel system flush they did still working through and it would be fine. I should mention that I left an hour early from work to make it to the shop before they closed (1 hour off work at $21). The next day, I made it to work in the car, but at lunch, it would not start again.

I called Thomas and he authorized to pay for a tow from my work to the shop. That day, I had to Uber home ($38.85). Thomas said it would be ready Wednesday as they had to replace the fuel pump and would only be charging me labor for it ($146.74). However, it WASN'T ready on Wednesday and I left an hour early from work that day also ($21). Thursday I complained to the corporate office and they said they would get me a rental car. I had to leave work 1 hour early ($21) to be home for the rental car pick up. Enterprise charged me $50 (even though Firestone said I shouldn't have to pay anything). My car was, again, fixed (new fuel pump, again) on 8/25. Cut to 8/31 as I'm driving to work it begins to sputter and dies AGAIN. Again, Thomas authorizes a tow from Horizon High School to the shop.

I go with the car to get another rental car. This time, they claim, they can't get me one. They claim that it's a faulty fuel pump they installed and, again, replace the fuel pump. It's finished that day, but not until 2 PM meaning I had to miss a WHOLE DAY of work ($168). Cut to 9/3 at 6:30 AM, and it dies AGAIN. This time on the freeway. My fiance has a friend tow it off of the freeway and Virginia at Firestone authorizes a tow BACK to the shop. This time, AGAIN, they claim it's the fuel pump and, AGAIN, replace it. This time, however, they claim that will all of the cranking of the engine, this has caused my battery to die and they charge me $152) for a replacement battery and installation. So far, it's running, but I'm sure it'll die again.

  • Sep 6, 2017

I purchased a lifetime oil change in 2002 with Fletcher Auto it was transferred over to Firestone in 2017. they did one oil change and then refused to honor the agreement of the lifetime oil change with Fletcher they assumed with purchase of company.

  • Jan 27, 2017

These guys are a giant rip off. They give an estimate for fixing a flat before they even look at the tire and then amazingly enough the bill is exaxtly what the estmate was. A giant $40 to fix a simple flat. Anywhere else in Richmond VA it's $25 or less. Bad customer service. The people behind the counter could care less about the customer, and that's when they first meet you!

This a good place to stay away from people.

  • Jan 25, 2017

I hired Firestone Comple Auto Care in Leander, TX to preform an alignment on my 2015 Toyota Tundra. The job was so bad that it destoyed my tires. I put a claim in with Firestone/Bridgestone corporate offices and presented them with all the paper work on where they made the mistakes. But after 3 weeks nothing but the run around. They do not email or call me back about a resolution to my open claim. I will be taking them to small cliams court.

  • Jan 23, 2017

This place is such a ripoff, my fiance went there for a lifetime alignment check and they tried to sell her 2500$ worth parts and services. This place is a joke, they claim to be map (motorist assurance program) certified and yet all of the recommendation are against the program they claim to be following. I will be reporting this to the better business Bureau as well as and any other outlets I can. I was the wrong person to attempt to ripoff!!!!

  • Jan 12, 2017

We dropped my 2001 Honda Passport at Firestone Complete Auto Care, 200 S. Hanover Street, Carlisle, PA on March 23, 2016 for a "Complete Vehicle Inspection" (Work Order #198007) to determine what the car needed for State Inspection. I specifically stated that I needed to know all the repairs required so the car would pass the Pennsylvania State Inspection. Firestone completed the inspection and determined that I needed the following: Ball Joints (Upper-Front, Right), Bearing & Seals (Front-Left) and Wiper Blades for the Passport to pass the State Inspection requirements. I had the repairs completed at a cost of $427.54. I returned the car to Firestone on April 19, 2016 for them to complete a State Inspection on the Passport. Scott from Firestone called me and informed me that the Passport will not pass inspection due to four (4) rust holes in the frame and issues with the third brake light (Work Order #198509).

I was baffled. On March 23, 2016, Firestone informed me of what the Passport needed for inspection, which I had completed. Now, they are telling me that the Passport won’t pass inspection due to other factors they did not catch when they inspected the Passport the first time (on March 23, 2016). It would cost approximately $1000.00 for a frame shop to repair the rust holes in the frame. I would have never completed the repairs required (per Firestone) due to the fact that the car is not worth putting all that money in to since it is an older vehicle.

I sent a letter to Christopher Zbikowski, Manger (Attachment B) on May 3, 2016. On May 12, 2016, Mr. Zbikowski called my husband at our house and stated that he will not do anything and he will call me and discuss it. Inever received a call from Mr. Zbikowski. Icalled Mr. Zbikowski on May 23, 2016. Mr. Zbikowski stated that this case has been referred to his Area Manager – Robert Appler. We received a letter (Attachment C) from Mr. Appler on May 27, 2016. Please see attached letter. Needless to say, Mr. Appler does not have all the facts. Mr. Appler stated that he can not do anything. If I would have known the Passport needed all that work, I would have never invested any money into it. The Passport is not worth all that money.

It amazes me that while Firestone had the Passport up on the lift to inspect it for any defects, that they did not see the four rust holes in the frame. That is just downright incompetent employees that prey on innocent citizens.

  • Oct 21, 2016

Jan. 2015 -I took my van for inspection of tires and brakes before I had to pick up my grandchildren in CO. I was charged $1300.00 for 4 new tires and new brakes. The brakes had a squealing noise the next few days. I called the company and they said it was west texas dust. I took it to them a few months later.

The brakes are squealing. They said they weren't. We sprayed them with oil. For one and a half years, I had to hear my brakes constantly squealing. My kids and neighbors could hear it. I even took it to the other firestone store, was told nothing is wrong. I almost went to another mechanic, but I trusted Firestone.

August of 2016, I took the van back to the shop, told them of my squealing noise. Of course, I was told no noise, but I needed new brake pads. I said ok, and I waited all day, went home. they called next day. I was told they had to special order the pads, gave me a discount, put it on my card. I get home and see the bill for $700.00 for new brake rotors!

I called 3 different mechanics from other companies, and each one said the squealing was the pads rubbinng the rotors. Firestone either didn't put the right pads on or something. But the rotors were worn down. I called the Firestone shop and heard this strange explanation of how rotors just wear down.

I am a 52 yr. housewife. I don't go anywhere except to school or store. I e-mailed the main company and a district manager proceeded to tell me they did nothing wrong. But they can take $200.00 off of bill. I said I want them to honor their satisfaction guarantee and take off the rotors charge. I think they did something wrong, I made numerous complaints, I just wanted them fixed right.

I have been drivng for 35 yrs. and I know if the brakes are squealing, they need to be checked before more expensive damages occur. The other crazy part of all this is even after they "fixed" my brakes correctly, they were squealing. I'm done. Stuck with a $668.00 bill. I will never do business with Firestone again. I was nice about it. They used to be nice to me...

  • Sep 2, 2016

Went here as I have in past years for an oil change and a tire rotation. This time, they refused to rotate my tires, but instead went through a schpiel about how my tires were "bald". But I saw the gauge. There's 10 - 15,000 miles left on them. I said OK, but right now just rotate them. They flat out refused. Went on and on about how I just had to buy a set of tires RIGHT NOW...TODAY!

But they made sure that "Tire Rotation......$20.00" showed up on the bill, and charged me for it. They found my complaint on another site, gave me an email to contact them, to which I sent a copy of the bill. 1 1/2 billing cycles (36 days) later, I still do not see a $20CR from them, despite the fact I said in my complaint, I'll see they lose more than $20 of business, "because I know how to use the internet." So here I am. And I'm just getting started.

Don't go there. Ripoff and liars! If they'll screw you out of $20 for a stinkin' tire rotation they simply didn't feel like doing, God forbid what you could get taken for if a more complex or more expensive issue is brought there.

  • Jul 21, 2016

Just went to Firestone to have an AC diagnostic test. I paid $40 to have it done and they quoted me $1700 to fix it including parts that I replaced recently. We got home and my boyfriend checked the AC fuse replaced it and like magic ice cold air. I called to tell them about it and say I was upset the representative Miguel said hmm that's crazy...and that was it ... Just getting it around how unprofessional they are and how they will try and rip you off without helping you when you try and let them know...oh and I was also there waiting for 3 hours without any update

  • Jul 6, 2016

I had a lock cylinder and housing replaced there and was charged $550 for the part alone. I looked online and found one for $112 which is about five times the price they charged me. The sales rep said that they install manufacturer approved parts only. The part I saw online was an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) made by Genuine Auto Parts. I appealed to the company and they had the Customer Service manager contact me and he insisted that the part cost was legitimate to which I replied that I, honestly don't believe him. I was an easy mark or target. I had to be towed in so I was stuck. My total bill which included labor and a new tire was $950. That's no typo. They, also, conveniently neglected to give me the 5% Geico discount and they added a $10 insurance charge for the tire which I never agreed to. They did adjust the bill for those latter "mistakes" but I was ripped off on part. The only good that came out of it is that I can warn consumers not to do business at this Firestone. I can only imagine what scams they run on little old ladies.

  • Jan 16, 2016

I bought a new battery from Firestone complete auto care center . next day i went to a different Firestone complete auto care store to buy a new set of tires. both stores are in Kalamazoo, Mi.

While they were installing my new tires they did a complimentary vehical inspection. the guy behind the desk said my battery was reading low. I told him i just bought the battery from the Firestone location down the street.

Instead of taking care of the battery problem on the 1 day old battery with a 3 year replacement warrenty. He told me to take it backt to the store i bought if from and have them check it.

The next day i went back to the store that i bought the battery from and all they did was say the west main store did not know what they were talking about and with out even checking it, they just told me my battery was fine.

day 5 with my new battery and i have to go to another battery store and buy another battery because Firestone will not service it.

  • Jan 6, 2016

On or about December21, 2014 I had my car brought to Firestone to have a starter put in. I contacted my father who is a mechanic in NYS and he told me what it should cost for parts and labor. A new starter is from $135.00 to $170.00 depending on the brand and warranty. To test it should be free , no extra parts are needed and it should take about 1/2 hour to install it. When I went to pick up the car they charged me over $500.00 to do the job. They doubled the price of the starter, charge to check the starter, charged for extra parts and charged me over an two hour in labor.

I'm a disabled Navy Veteran and I fill I was taking advantage of because of my disability. My father also contacted them and said they should reimburse me at least $125.00 to $150.00. He has contacting them three different times and not one answer back or a reimbursement for money spent. I find them very unprofessional and company that is known to rib off their customers.

The simple fact that they never reimbursed me money back. Being that they make commission on the parts and service they do Firestone finds ways to add charges to nflate the bill. Firestone is the same way in NYS.

  • Dec 10, 2015

I took my 1995 Nissan Pathfinder to Valdosta, Georgia Firestone back in 2006 for a routine oil change while I shopped @ the Walmart Center that is also located in that area. My Pathfinder is a VERY sturdy/dependable SUV, and up to that point, I never had ANY issues w/it. After I received it back, within 1 week I was having issues with the transmission acting "sluggish", and after approximately 2-3 weeks, the transmission STOPPED GOING IN REVERSE!!!

I contacted Firestone, and they stated that they had a hard time locating the oil drainage, but did complete the oil change job. I belive they (FIRESTONE) opened up the transmission drain plug instead of the oil, drained some/all of the transmission fluid, and did NOT replace ANY of it.

Firestones negligence has led to the damage to my transmission, and I would like to be compensated for this damage.

  • Oct 29, 2015

I walked into Waianae Hi. firestone and asked the cheapest price for 1 tire. She gave me the price.Although a little higher than other places i had a time limit so told her to put one on. When I went to pay I asked for a breakdown as the price was more than she quoted me earlier. I then found she added the optional tire warranty for i dont remember how much but more than it was worth. I told her to delete it. I think many people either pay without questioning or think they must purchase it, I was never asked if I wanted it. This is taking advantage of the consumer and not giving them a choice.They need to offer it and tell customers it is optional before adding it onto bill

  • Sep 12, 2015

On Monday, July 20, 2015, the engine on my 2009 Chevrolet Traverse suffered a catastrophic engine failure while on a family trip to Florida. The car was traveling at posted highway speeds on Florida’s Turnpike, when suddenly, without any warning, the car shuddered for about 5-10 seconds; then, the check engine light flashed; and about 2 seconds later, we heard a loud BOOM and felt the explosion as well. I could see some small debris flying behind my car, as well as a cloud of gray smoke.

We used our momentum to move to the right and then to the right-hand emergency pull-off lane on the Turnpike, on a portion that did not have a shoulder. Once I determined that I could safely exit the vehicle, I assessed that the issue was not related to a tire rupture, but saw a small pond of clear motor oil – about 1-2 cups, ultimately – form next to the car. We also took a moment to express our blessed fortune that the incident did not end with a much greater cost.

I had the car towed to a Chevrolet dealership with which I had a previous relationship. Upon inspection, they discovered that the crankcase had been filled with approximately 12 quarts of motor oil – which was far in excess of the 5.5 quarts that are recommended for the crankcase of my make, year, and model vehicle. They also observed a hole that was made when one of the engine components penetrated and exited the sidewall of the engine during the catastrophic failure.

My last oil change -- performed by the Firestone Complete Auto Service location at 512 Pisgah Church Road in Greensboro, NC -- occurred about 18 days prior to the issue. I had not accessed the hood or crankcase after the oil change, because I entrust that the professionals have properly done their job. I managed to drive 1,600 miles prior to the catastrophic failure -- almost entirely consisting of short-haul, around town hops -- prior to the lengthy, 800-mile sojourn from Greensboro, North Carolina to Southeast Florida. It is worth noting that the longer trip was split into chunks of no longer than 2.5 to 3 hours between stops -- though the last leg, driven in 98-degree temps, lasted about four hours prior to the engine failure.

As part of its analysis, the Chevrolet mechanics noted that with a car of my age, it is surprising -- but not unexpected -- that the catastrophic failure would take time to build – the pressure situation, as it built, would take the path of least resistance to manifest itself. Upon inspection, the Chevrolet maintenance team noted several gasket leaks where oil had emerged as the pressure built -- notable, as no previous oil leaks have ever been observed from this car. Finally, with no other relief from the building pressure, the catastrophic eruption led to the ejection of a rod through the engine sidewall and an immediate and complete shutdown of the engine block.

On July 24, Firestone opened a claim -- Case No. 1507-2142960-C -- and assigned a Chicago-based resource, Juan Mendoza -- to handle the case. He promptly went on vacation, so we worked our way up the food chain placed our inspection request in front of Stan Guzik, who apparently is Mendoza's supervisor.

After two weeks of inaction, Firestone's insurer finally sent a third-party inspector to observe the vehicle on Monday, August 3, and to examine the evidence (both physical and testimonial). The insurer ultimately decided to reject the claim -- not on the basis that they didn't believe that the oil was overfilled, but that there was NO WAY that the car could possibly have traveled 1,600 miles without experiencing the failure.

This was a car that we purchased new; that was meticulously maintained (records kept); and had been paid off last fall. You know, as well as I do, that once a car is paid off, it is your hope that the car starts paying YOU back. We expected to get at least two years more out of this vehicle and had no reason to feel otherwise. Within the last 120 days, we also spent thousands of dollars on new tires, new spark plugs and other replacements to keep the car running at its best. We feel like Firestone took something from us, through an apparently dumb mistake, but now does not want to take responsibility for a situation that they caused.

And to date, they still have not called me once to apologize or even sent the promised "Denial of Claim."

Steer clear, folks -- this place is now a daily reminder of one of my worst auto repair nightmares. We all think it won't happen to us. But sadly, it will.

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