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Finesse Marine Group

Country United States
State Florida
City North Palm Beach
Address 11911 U.S. 1 Suite #201
Phone 561-771-0110

Finesse Marine Group Reviews

  • Dec 10, 2016

I then cancelled my contract because they did not meet pick up dates....I asked for my deposit and it has never been sent and Talia will not return my calls or emails. They call themselves Stealth and it is appropiate......Also look at Finesse Marine Group this is Talia previous company and it is loaded with the same stoires.....I guess she opens up a new company when customer begin to let customers know what is going on.......

I would like to let the folks who are thinking of using Stealth Marine Group to know that this is a company that will leave you without a pick up of your boat after you have sent in your my case 1,250.00 has not been returned and they wil not call me or email me after I cancelled my contract I had a contract to pick up my boat and it was delayed and delayed....after numerous crazy excuses of why they could not make it I cancelled the contract......I cannot stress enough to do some homework on these folks other shippers have now told me they are a fraud......Look at Finesss Marine Group this is also Talia last company and the behavior is the sameBe careful wish I had done my price is not the answer be careful

  • Aug 12, 2015

Be very very very very very careful! She is a BROKER. She does not own any trucks or trailers!

She tells people she owns a trucking company and then hires a real trucking company like mine to do the job. She will charge you way over the amount she's paying someone else to haul your boat and then not pay the transporter! Your boat will be held Hostage,on a trailer until she transfers the money to the trucking company. And that is if she pays the trucking company at all. I am currently owed $16,000 from Finesse Marine Group/ Finesse Marine Logistics. And I know of FOUR of her customers that gave her deposits and have not had their boats hauled. She refuses to give them their deposits back. If any one else has had a problem you can contact me,

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