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Financial Skyline

Country United States
State California
City Irvine
Address 14410 Myford Rd
Phone 1 888-852-7171

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  • Jan 29, 2019

Financial Skyline is a Scam!

I agree with the previous complaint. He described exactly how they work. There are no underwriters there just sales people on commission that have no knowledge of the financial industry. They just follow a script.

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  • Oct 8, 2018

Received a "Pre-Approved LOAN for up to 75,000. We went on line filled out Application. We get a Voice Message to call back so I do and procced to give all info. We were told it would take at least 3 hours to find out & "UnderWriting" would take a look. I'm thinking ok, and the fact I had already told the women on the Phone I work in the "Debt/Consolidation" industry so please treat my Family member fairly "Oh Of Course" as if I insulted her. We do get a phone call back around the time she said & that is what I was expecting. Sure enough she would not just tell me if we were approved or not. We had to goto our email so she could explain it was the only way she could do it. Lol "WRONG" RED FLAG WAVING now!

I go to our email and sure enough she went through all this (what your paying & if this & that but because of this your not approved BUT our Company can give you a Payment of only 358 or around there and you'd be out of Debt in 48 months. Iasked one question ("Does this mean we would no longer pay or Credit Cards?") She says yes BUT BUT she has been trying to get many loans and can't get them, I said NO we told you at least 3 different times and you asked us "If we have been trying to get loans all three times NO NOT ONCE.,

I said didn't i tell you at the begining I work for a Debt Consolidation Co. and please treat us fairly because although Consolidation is great for some it's not what we want at this time. She had the Nerve to ask me what Company I worked for again because she says I can't find that Company you told me earlier, she had the nerve to check & see so she would know to try to rip us Off or Not. Little did she know I gave her a wrong name purposely when we first spoke since the Loan was not for me just my Family member who i was protecting & I new if she looked up the Company she was an all out scam and she did and I protecrted my family member from these scums that give our industry a real bad name, from these same Bait and Switch companys. FINANCIAL SKYLINE is one of them. I wish I rememberd her name but I do not.

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