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Financial Markets Wizard

Country United States
State California
City Murreita
Address 24930 - Washington Ave.
Phone 212-408-3000

Financial Markets Wizard Reviews

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  • Jul 28, 2017

Indicted for Fraud by the FBI. noshee, as he calls himself. real name is mohammed Nasi Khan, many aka's. in his wizard option picks he touts himself as a "wizard" and a financial market wizard by luring unsuspecting stock market option traders into his recommended trades by paying monthly or quarterly fees. and touts high winning percentages for option trades when there are high losing positions where all monies could be lost and he will refuse to disclose the losses. extremely high risk

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  • Apr 22, 2019



I challenged him on one of his so called IM marketing campaigns by asking him about the catch and his affiliate commissions by joining his broker. His answer” bye - I am removing you - we don’t need people like you on here “ Haha and I didn’t even get to challenge him about the the fraud indictment He is fake and only wants your money. He has no interest in your becoming wealthy. Stay away from him. I believe he is on telegram as well. Beware this scammer

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  • Jul 18, 2018

Facebook Review

Why can't you post the same review on his FB page so anyone falling in his trap can be saved?

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  • Mar 6, 2018

Poor service

Noshee only posts his wins, sweeps all the losses under the rug, of which there are many. If you question him on his Facebook page or call him out on his losing trades, he calls you a liar and then kicks you out of his Facebook group. He is constantly sending emails touting his wins but never mentions the losses. He will frequently recommend multiple trades on the same stock over a short period of time. If 2 of the trades are 100% losers but the one is a winner, he combines all three trades trade as a single "recommendation" and then it counts as a winner. His hubris knows no bounds!

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  • Jan 31, 2017

Unfortunately I have to say that this service only posts their winning results but never ever even mentions the losing ones, even while still open, even if you email mr Noshee and ask for updates on the losing positions. To me that deserves a terrible review alone for being misleading.

But that is only the start.

Come on, the promo emails only mention the winners! Does that sound right to anyone in the trading world? NO

So be honest and post your losses too. NEVER!!

Only a fool would believe any service is without losses and if you do believe that and send in your hard earned money, no need to guess who the fool will be.

His recos and results vary greatly. Many many trades expire worthless resulting in 100% loss. Some trades are very good but you must take each and every trade and hope some are gig winners or else you will lose, lose, and lose more.

He claims to practice risk management but rarely does he include exit points for when the trade goes against you which they very often almost every time do.

This guy seems to only care about making money off of new subscribers that pay once but rarely renew is my best bet because he does very little to make you want to stick around.

He often makes mistakes in his trade recommendation prices but then uses that wrong value in his results to overstate the actual return.

He is arrogant, and ignorant in his dealings with numerous members and displays moments of extreme immaturity.

Stay far far away or waste your money only to take your own losses and be agreeing with me in a few months!

He will be on here within a few days claiming that this is all a lie and that he has no idea where this information comes from.

Well I was a subscriber back in early 2016 and have no reason to lie.

Go ahead and try for yourself and you will very quickly see what i am saying.

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  • Dec 6, 2016

Very suspicious company and advisory services. They kept emailing me with their ads to subscribe to their options advisory services. I asked them to provide me with some hard facts and send me their daily options Email advice for a couple of days so that I can evaluate their performance. I got an Email from them saying "We deleted your Email and you are not suitable to join our subscription services". This was just because I asked them to provide me with the history of their signal. What the h***!

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  • Jun 6, 2018


Indicted for Fraud by the FBI. noshee, as he calls himself. real name is mohammed Nasi Khan,

REFUSES TO SHOW ALL THE LOSING TRADES. NEARLY ALL TRADES ARE OPTIONS ON STOCKS THAT GAP OPEN UPWARD AND HE ATTEMPTS TO Catch upward momentum. THE BIG PICTURE IS HE LIES, SCAMS, HAS BANK PROBLEMS SO HE HAS TO USE PAYPAL ONLY IN A Separate account because he can not qualify for a merchant account because banks will not accept him because of SCAM history. .

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  • Jan 2, 2019

Lost 13k

I lost 13k in 2 months with this guy, it is a scam. All the reviews above are true, I am elderly veteran and had been fooled by this guy, I lost 13k of my retirement money to this scam artist. I found that he also has his google reviews manufactured so they are fake. PLEASE BEWARE!

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  • Jul 13, 2018

I had been receiving emails from this guy Noshee for years. A friend of mine from California had previousl told me the guy was a fraudster. Now I know it's true. When Noshee of Financial Markets Wizard offered a 14-day trial for his stock and options picking service for $17, I decided to give it a try. This went south right from the get go. The email sent clearly stated $17 but my PayPal account was charged $27 so I sent Noshee an email asking for an explanation. His response was that he made a mistake and that it should have been $37. What!? Make up your mind Noshee. In addition, the ongoing monthly service fees were much higher than advertised in Noshee orginal solicitation. Next several of the tips or picks all appeared to be after the fact rather than before any stock or option moves up or down. What a scam. I sent Noshee another email asking 3 simple questions about the service and the related fees that any similar service would have been happy to answer. Noshee's response was ... "I'm not interested". Turns out my California friend was right. Noshee is a rude scam artist. Anyone buying his service deserves what they get so ... don't believe all that so called positive feedback depicted on the scamsters website. I canceled all future PayPal charges and put Noshee on my Junk email list. Good luck.

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  • Aug 29, 2020


Fraudster, Arrogant, Ignorant, Quack. That about sums up the guy. I tracked his win rate on a spreadsheet and it is 50% at best. Every idiot is a genius in a bull market. The guy virtually disappears in choppy volatile markets and resurfaces during the March 2020 -present Gold rush. If you got a monkey to throw a dart at any stock in the S&P 500 you would have won substantially in the once-in-a-generation bull market of 2020! You didn’t need quacks like this guy.

As long as you have people that want to make a quick buck, scamsters like this guy will flourish. And the fees they keep paying will keep funding his blunders... ask yourself: why do these guys feel the dire need to share their wealth secrets to a following of subscribers? If they are THAT good, why not keep it to themselves and make all the money?

  • Aug 13, 2020

Read the above ratings.....they are true

I used this guy FOUR separate times over the years. Each time I ended up losing money. He DOES have some very good trades, but, also has big time losing ones which conveniently get swept under the rug. Years ago he used to send out a weekly spread sheet that had ALL of his trades on it, but, as time went on and losing trades piled up, that spreadsheet conveniently disappeared. He touts his winners YEARS after the fact...….in fact, perhaps I'M a "Trade Genius" too, as I had a HUGE winning trade in 1978. End result is that if you follow through on all of his picks, you will lose your money. He is a master of marketing.....shall I say "Marketing Genius" or "Marketing Wizard".....and definitely not a "Trade Genius" or "Financial Market Wizard"......beware of such a con game. Look at the above reviews.....there isn't a single positive one! ! Caveat Emptor! ! ! ! ! !

  • Aug 21, 2020

Lesson never learned?

If you lost money, why use the SAME guy FOUR separate times?

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