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Finance & Law Consulting Limited

Country United Kingdom
State England
City Ferndown
Address 521 Wimborne Rd E,
Phone 44-128-727-6014

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  • Dec 7, 2016

In 17. November 2016, my taiwan based client spoke to Mr.Grant Wilfort of ABC 74 LIMITED .,UK Ltd. and expressed his interest in confirming an order to acquire a Bank Guarantee for EUR $ 40 million. The client was sent a contract, which he discussed in detail with his attorney and decided to go ahead with it.

The client then wrote to Mr. Grant Wilfort and confirmed that a wire transfer of EUR $50,000 has been made to his company's designated account at ARCADIA GLOBAL PTE LIMITED in Singapore. Sinclair confirmed that money reached his account on 21th November 2016.

Thereafter, Grant Wilfort disappeared from the scene totally and stopped receiving all calls. We kept on sending reminder emails to him to expedite the delivery of financial instrument to the client, but no reply. He said by Marcus Dodd was hence unable to complete the documents.

Thereafter, a series of emails were exchanged with Mr. Marcus Dodd . Every e-mail was aimed at buying time on one excuse or the other. Marcus Dodd say they are not a party in this transaction. And only the provider can nominate an escrow agent as the fees in questionare his.Again say Your client created this situation. Not you, not me and certainly not the provider. If I sign an escrow agreement and default, I will loose my law liecense. The escrow agreement is 100% guarantee. Provider will not place 1% when he is the one leasing out the instrument. The 400,000 is 1% of his fees. So except the client has no intention of paying or paying in a timely manner, I see no reason why the 400,000 is a problem.

I never listens to the caller and loses temper. Discussion with other financial consultants revealed that Grant Wilfort has stolen EUR $ 500,000 from four different clients in the past one year. All of them have been cheated. None of them have been given the promised banking instrument.

They are all cursing Sinclair for his lies and deception. Typical scammer - attracting clients by offering instruments at a marginal price and then disappearing with their money.

Mr. Marcus Dodd managed to convince all these clients that they would get huge returns by monetizing the SBLC issued by him and that he too would collect his balance fee direct from the monetizer from the first tranche of the monetization. Most investors fell for the trap because Grant Wilfort convinced them that he is investing his own money to get the BGs issued and that he would also get a pie of the profits from the monetization.

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  • Dec 22, 2016

Special scams are required to provide Fresh cut bank instrument for lease / sale, such as BG, SBLC, MTN, Bank Bond.etc.people


Marcus Dodd

The Old Exchange 521 Wimborne Road East Ferndown England Bh22 9nh, LONDON, Alaska, United Kingdom

Special scams are required to provide Fresh cut bank instrument for lease / sale, such as BG, SBLC, MTN, Bank Bond.etc.people

In November of 2016, we signed contracts (attached) with Marcus Dodd of FINANCE & LAW CONSULTING LIMITED for the issuance of a EUR 40 M SBLC.He sent us an invoice (attached) and we wired the requisite fee of EUR 50K (attached).

Funding was supposed to occur within 3-banking days so the beginning of December but yet the excuses began instead…, everything was supposed to begin in January for funding by the end of the month. We decided to wait patiently until the end of December but gave them two additional extension. I sent a cease and desist and ordered my funds back. Mr.

Marcus Dodd said my money was sent to his partners as they were the instrument issuers and GRANT WILFORT was the funder (monetizer).ABC74 LIMITED).

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