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Fever Magazine

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Fever Magazine Reviews

  • Aug 13, 2015

Darrell Green of Fever Digital/Fever Magazine is a thief and a liar. It all started in late 2013. I had known of Darrell for a few years but never worked with him directly. Unfortunately the day would come when I would and he'd find a way to take my money.

Darrell posted on his Facebook page right before Thanksgiving a way to help people make money by doing keyword searches for them for just $50 and he'd build a microsite for you with the keywords so that when you set up Google ads the site will start making money. Of course I got excited as it was a cheap investment. He sent me a screenshot of one of his so called clients' Google adsense (I still have it) income showing over $1000 in ad revenue. He said the more sites you buy the better so I bought 3 for $150.

We started talking about SEO/SEM as I was unfamiliar with that area of digital marketing and he said people make millions when they build private blog networks and he has access to an underground SEO group that we can join for just $5000 and that these people are making millions per month and they'd help us get started (they never helped us so that was a lie). Meanwhile, he did send me the keyword searches for the 3 sites and built 2 microsites as promised though he never built the third one but I was too excited about the millions I could make from SEO so I didn't care. I was anxious to join this SEO group and of course I paid the full $5000. Darrell paid nothing.

He sent me a "partnership" agreement (I still have it) stating my investment of $5000 would pay for the program and he would lead as he has the necessary experience to get the ball rolling and build a private blog network.

Unfortunately, I put too much trust in him and just wired him $5000 and didn't even ask for an invoice beforehand or even a receipt. So Darrell got a cool $5000 from me. But that is also my fault because I should have asked for an invoice from the group and a receipt of payment. Anyhow, we did join the program and there were many tutorial videos we had to watch. I did watch some but I was somewhat lost so I had to rely on Darrell to explain things to me. And he did at the beginning. Meanwhile, Darrell was downloading the videos to his computer and that should have raised a red flag but I didn't think much of it. Of course he was downloading the videos because he only paid the first 4 months ($1700) and stopped paying after that so they would eventually terminate us.

We decided to start with the microsites he built for me (that i paid for anyway) and that we'd buy what they call link sites to drive traffic to the microsites. The link sites are not cheap. Some are and most of the powerful ones aren't. I had agreed with Darrell that since I paid for the program he should pay for the link sites. However, this did require time for research and money. And those were 2 things Darrell was not going to provide.

Darrell had a full-time and I believe his girlfriend was having a child so he was too busy to start a business but he figured if he can get $5000 out of someone and pretend to have time to work with them on a new initiative and promise millions...why not?

He kept telling me he would go and register our business somewhere in Seattle and that never happened because it required money and Darrell was not willing to pay for anything as his only motive was to take my money.

I didn't make a big deal out of it because we weren't making any money. I spent a lot of time learning about SEO and he would say he's going to work on identifying and buying good links sites for our private blog network but that never happened. In fact, he didn't do anything. All he did was say he was going to do something and nothing ever materialized.

This went on for 5 months. I started to get a clue that this guy was either very lazy or a liar. I couldn't take it anymore as I saw no progress. I was doing my best to do things on my own but I am no techie and had no clue how to do SEO or about private blog networks.

In May of 2014 I told him that I wanted to split and that we should get my money back since the $5000 paid for a year membership. He said he would try to get my money back from contacting the group's CEO and that never happened of course. So I contacted the CEO (Mike Long) and Mike revealed to me that Darrell only paid for 4 months of the program ($1700). That means Darrell kept $3300 of my money.

I didn't let Darrell know I spoke to the CEO at that time because I just wanted to get my money. So I kept asking for my money especially now that I know he didn't pay in full for the program. Then he said he would do something on his end to make the money via SEO...never happened. Then he said he was working on a deal in which he would sell the program with the deal. Supposedly this deal negotiations went on for 9 months. He even said he closed on the deal but still no money. Then when I kept asking about it he said the buyers did not want the program. So as you can see he was full of it.

Lastly, at the end of May I called him and he said he would pay me out of pocket (he knew i wasn't going to let this go) and that he's working on a contract in which he would be paid the first week of August. The reason why he said that is because I finally exposed him and told him that I discovered the program was not fully paid and that he kept $3300. He was speechless when I said that and started stuttering. I asked him to show me any proof that he paid the full $5000 and of course he doesn't have anything showing that. That's when I knew he is indeed a liar and a thief.

He comes off as this nerdy computer programmer but he's a con artist. The microsite business he posted about on facebook was also a scam because no one made any money and he clearly said they would make money even if just $100/month. He even said he set up sites for each one of his kids and that he knows someone that has a bunch of sites and makes $40,000/month.

It's August 13 now and no word from Darrell Green. I called him numerous times all to no avail. I knew when he told me back in May that he'd pay me by August 1, he was just buying time and getting me off his back. He has blocked my calls and text messages. I'm sure he's blocked my email too. He lives in Seattle so he knows he won't see me but he will see me in court sooner than he thinks. I have all the emails from Mike Long, the partnership agreement where it states the $5000 is to pay for the program and the many text messages we exchanged about getting my money back.

Needless to say, don't trust Darrell Green of Fever Magazine/Fever Digital. Don't do any business with him because he will find a way to sound smart and get money out of you. I hope no one goes through what I went through with this guy. What's more sad is I lost a parent right before this happened and he knew that. He knew I had funeral expenses but thieves don't care. They just want your hard earned money.

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