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Ferber Dental Group

Country United States
State Florida
City Greenacres
Address 5700 Lake Worth Road, Suite 301
Phone 561-439-8888

Ferber Dental Group Reviews

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  • Nov 14, 2015

I went to that clinic for a specific ONE tooth problem - clinic not very clean -

staff not very smart and not very competent

- dr. ferber hurt me like never before in my life while performing a deep pocket exam which had nothing to do with the exam of the day

...... and i had to ask him 4 times before he put very little numbing gel on my gum and did not even let it set in

- he pressed harder into my gums's pockets and hurt me like on dentist has ever before

- he has had a complaint filed at the dental board of florida - he is extremely nervous and shows signe of post depressions

- his hands are not steady

- he wanted to sell me services for which i was not consulting and was not addressing my real one tooth issue (pain)

- he ordered his staff to do a ct scan and full mouth x-ray even after i told him that i

had the same the week before and had the info on a disk with me

- he was not interested in looking at the result of ct scan and x-rays that i had

- he wanted $$$ to give me a copy of his scan and x-rays

the whole thing was the weirdest experience that i had with dentist in my entire life

we were not on the same page and I SINCERLY FEEL THAT HE HAS HIS OWN $$$$$$ MONEY AGENDA


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  • Mar 28, 2017

After over a year the 2nd attempt for an implant failed,Dr Ferber said that was my only choice. I really did not want to go this route having had them do several other implants in the past Of course he now has another plan considering he was all ready paid I am not interested in continuing with this office for many reasons. I drove 3 hrs to & from this office and booked 1st appts of the day only to find they kept me waiting for an hour because the Dr. Took a beach run with his wife ,he then assistant proceeded to take x-ray after x-ray at least 10 exposing me unnecessarily due to her inexperience. Thru out this time I found that their instrumentation being dug into my mouth hurt more than the procedure, another time upon arrival to my home the stitches were completely pulled apart I called & spoke to Dr.Ferber & he said nothing to worry about. When they told me the impant failed again I informed Dr.

Ferber I was done and expected a refund he jumped up shook my hand refusing to discuss or consider any kind of refund rushing off saying he would contact me in a few days. 2 wks have gone by and i called asking to speak with him and of course he was unavailable, his staff member gets on the line claiming to want to help & will advise Dr Ferber. At other times there were other patients complaining as well it's unfortunate that his reputation for affordable reputable dentistry is now a thing of the past. As I informed his office I intend to pursue this matter and seek restitution for inferior work. I now see that there are numerous complaints against this office for similar situations and would like to file a class action suit against Ferber Dental Group.

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  • Oct 8, 2016

Excruciating Exam

I saw Dr.Ferber for his opinion on my lower teeth (which are in bad shape). I informed the office that I was getting opinions (from various dentists). He asked me what I was "looking to do". I said "what is your opinion"? It was obvious that my lower teeth and gums were in bad shape and inflamed. An x-ray was taken before he arrived. He began to measure the pockets in my mouth by jabbing my mouth with a (hook like instrument). He could see from my cringing movements that he was hurting me. His response to this was "sorry". He then typed out his plan and left the room. There was no explanation for any of the complicated procedures. When I got home I was in extreme pain. I took aspirin for the pain, it was necessary to do so for the next 3 to 4 days. I had an appointment with another dentist for a consultation at that time. Seeing the x-ray and seeing that I was in pain he gave me a prescription. I was unable to use it because by this time I could not eat or drink and ended up in the emergency room at my local hospital. I believe his cruel examination was due to the fact that I disclosed the information that I was seeking other opinions. He is a cruel ego maniac. My recommendation DON'T GO THERE!

  • May 18, 2016

Ferber dental,

false infomercials,took me for almost four grand and ruined two very expensive bridges I already had.

i now have no reason to smile and finding work is near impossible with no teeth

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