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FEIG Law Firm, APLC.

Country United States
State California
City Irvine
Address 780 Roosevelt, Suite 220
Phone 949-689-9715

FEIG Law Firm, APLC. Reviews

  • Jun 15, 2019

Was a middle school English teacher in New Jersey just a few years ago.

Offers paralegal results at best but charges top “law firm” prices. Very delusional status wise.

Uses a “gmail” account and his office is half the size of a master bedroom closet.

Refers to his office/firm, but it’s just him and the latest version of quickbooks, and his wife on the phone.

Will NOT include the client on communications representing the case, and refuses to invoice monthly

No retainer for services offered. He WILL drop your case regardless of what stage it’s in if he feels he can make more money with someone else.

Only communicates via email, and is up to a week late in responding. Most important - Does not take his oath seriously, and his efforts and efficiency all depend on how much $$$ he is making off you.

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