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Fast N Fun Rentals

Country United States
State Arizona
City Gilbert
Phone (480) 440-8356

Fast N Fun Rentals Reviews

  • May 25, 2017

On 03/16/2017 (Thurs.) we rented a SXS from Fast and Fun Rentals. Picked up vehicle in parking lot near downtown Gilbert,Az.. Tom was the company rep. who filled out the paperwork..We both noted damage to both sides of rental, more extensive damage on passenger side , this was noted on paperwork. I also took photos with my cell phone. The rental was returned by my son-in-law and daughter around mid afternoon the same day. Tom took the rental back with no inspection or paperwork....2 days later I called to see when the $1000 damage deposit would be returned and was told early next week after inspection? One week later I again called for return of deposit and was told by Dave that the rental had been " put on its side" and no refund of deposit. I told him this was a lie... I asked for his pictures on 3 separate occasions and was never given any.. I sent him my pictures that showed all the damage we had noted on the rental morning prior to hooking up to my truck. On Sat march 25 , in the morning I finally spoke to co-owner Dave and he said the pictures were consistent with the damage that his "inspection team" had found and that after he would do a final inspection (2 days later because the unit was out with another renter??????) the deposit would be returned.....I told him i was concerned that the unit was being driven by some one else for two days. Also how many times had that unit been rented since I returned it on the was now the 25th! He assured me there would be no issues and apologized several times for the mis understanding. He said things like this happen as he was only going by what his "inspection team" was telling him.....All was well until Monday evening (27th) when I rec'd a text from Dave saying that after his final inspection ....they were keeping our $1000. Complete Scam!!!! I have witnesses and pictures.

Seems to be the "business plan" of fast and Fun rentals..........There is no doubt the vehicle was put on its side and damaged. The issue is that because their check-out and check-in procedures are non-existant....They don' \t know when and by whom it was let's charge anyone when they finally notice the damage..

After reading the identicle issue from several other people, I felt I needed to file this report and seek others who may be interested in pursuing this in the court system. Companies like this should not be allowed to cheat their customers out their hard earned money under the guise of a "damage deposit" with ablsolutely no evidence to back up their fake claims. Do not even consider doing business with this "company".

  • May 16, 2017

Beware using Fast-n-fun to rent any kind of sxs or toy. a quick google search will show multiple reviews describing the same exact scam. you have to look for the negative reviews as I have found out that the owner reviews his own company with fake reviews trying to hide the bad ones.

when you return the unit they will tell you everything is good to go and never inform you that they will be keeping your $1000 deposit for whatever reasons they come up with. they told us the rzr had been rolled and or put on its side. the same thing they told multiple other customers. This is a complete lie and a scam. when you ask them to provide pictures of said damage the owner hung up. called back and asked to see the unit so I could review "said" damage in person and the owner(Chaplain Eyre) said to "pack a lunch because I'm not letting you in...."

the owner is Chaplain Eyre and he has a partner named Dave.

They use these two phone numbers



the images you see in this add were all taken from the multiple adds posted on cl by Fast-n-fun. they work out of a storage facility on Gilbert rd. between Guadalupe and Eliot and have the customers meet across the street in a dirt lot for pick up.


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