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Fast Eviction Service

Country United States
State California
City San Bernardino
Address 474 W. Orange Show Rd
Phone (800) 686-8686

Fast Eviction Service Reviews

  • Oct 17, 2019

Do not hire this company to file your documents! I lost $115,000.00 as a result of the negligence of the staff. They tell you anything to get your money. Once they get paid they file legal documentation that gets dismissed do to improper filings.

I lost $115,000.00! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! They cannot protect you. The owner of this company is a fraud. They staff smokes pot in the office. It smelled like a drug den when I came into the office. They are drug addicts and frauds that steal hard earned money.

  • Aug 9, 2017

Jeff bodine is a registered process server contracted with - amongst other firms : fast eviction services, though he also works for landlords privately. He serves mostlly eviction papers.

Jeff bodine will claim "personal service" when no such service was ever effected. In my case, i had to involve law enforcement b/c i was over 75 miles away from my home where he claimed under oath to have "personally served" me at a certain date and time.

He also performs service on persons not living at the residence, but he lists them as residents to make the process of service appear lawful

On on occasion he even served a deceased individual ! or rather, he filled out a false declaration of service, claiming to have personally served a dead man

Any statement made under oath - and especially a declaration of process of service - is a felony if the person making such statement knows it to be untrue

If you or someone you know have been unlawfully served by jeff bodine and had a subsequent false declaration of service of process filled out by him, claiming to have served you, the best thing is to contact your local sheriff and chief clerk of the superior court of your county. You can also contact the secretary of state's office.

  • Jun 7, 2017

Very sketchy

1. Website does not mention who the attorney(s) are where the went to school or their qualifications. This is the first "law firm" website I have seen that does not list their attorney(s) and their qualifications (which is essentially the "product" they are selling). What are they hiding?

2. The business card for "H.G. Long" Attorney At Law does not list his/her Bar #. Upon searching the California State Bar website there is no "H.G. Long" listed as licensed to practice law in the State of California (see link below). There is only one licensed attorney with the last name of "Long" in the city of San Bernardino which is Alicia Marie Long bar #285888. Not "H.G."?

  • Sep 27, 2016

I submitted an application to rent the property on Odell on 9/23/16, via fax. I received a call saying that my application was approved.. Then Tiffany went on to say that my application was approved for the house listed on Chamberlaine way...I asked her, "isn't that the property in Adelanto"? she replied yes... I looked it up and it's only a 2 bedroom and I asked her why, when I specifically applied for the 3 bedroom because of my family size. She went on to say it's because the property on Odell is $100 more than the one in Adelanto. I receive for my kids approximately $2389 between the 3 of them and another $800 from other sources. Where do they get off expecting me to rip my kids out of their set schools and pay for a house in a ghetto! Do not trust these people..obviously they are manipulative scam artists out to make people's lives miserable!

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