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Family Medical Walk-In Clinics

Country United States
State Missouri
City Springfield
Address 4049 S Campbell Ave.
Phone 417.890.5550

Family Medical Walk-In Clinics Reviews

  • Feb 22, 2017

I went in to see Dr. Baird, he was so rude and did not treat and that was after 4 hours of waiting and then paying him. he would not treat and I was spoken to very rudely

  • Jan 28, 2016

I felt weak, tired and had a upset stomache for several days. I had hot and cold flashes. I had thrown up and had diarrhea. I thought I had the flu. I entered the Family Medical Walk-in Clinic on January the 20th 2016. Before they would see me, they said the fee would be 169.00 dollars and I had to pay in advance. I gave them my debit card and they ran it. I was the only one there. After a few minutes they pulled me to the back and took my blood pressure and I gave them my symptoms.

They gave me a pill for nausea. They then took me to the back and Xrayed my abdomen. They then gave me a IV of fluids. Then they told me that I did not have the flu. They said is was a stomache virus. They said I was not dehydrated. They told me to stay on fluids for several days.

When I started to leave they gave me a "detailed bill". The new bill was for 729.08!!! They never told me that they were gonna charge me for the stupid Xray.

A Xray for a stomache virus. It doesn't make medical sense. It only ran up my bill. They charged me in advance for cultures that never took place.

I feel that they ran up a bogus bill on me on purpose. Nothiing that they did made me feel better. I of course felt worse once I got the bill. That bogus bill is more than my rent. There is nothing I can do. They already charged me and the money is gone out of my account.

Everybody should know that once you give them your card, they are going to run up a bill on you. It is a RIP-OFF.

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